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Write For Us

TechUntech is providing an opportunity to all the bloggers, website owners and writers to publish their work on our website. You can publish guest posts on our website on many topics which can be on Tech News, How-to Guide, Gadgets and Software Reviews, Website, Software and App Alternatives, and much more.

But, do you really have that expertise in writing about these categories?

Drop us a mail on the given email ID if you want to publish your guest post on our website : query.techuntech@gmail.com

Why Publish A Guest Post On Our Website?

Why Publish A Guest Post On TechUntech

Publishing a guest post on our website can be very fruitful for your website if your business is in tech niche as 100% of our audience covers techies and people who loves to read about latest technologies, gadgets, software and their reviews.

With good domain authority (DA) you can get a good link juice to your domain from our website which can surely push the ranking of your keywords in a positive direction. Also, we make sure to publish your article on all our social media channels which majorly includes Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

TechUntech can help you in reaching to your target techie audience through our website.

What Categories You Can Cover To Post On Our Website?

If you are looking to guest post on our website then take a note that the topic of your article and content should be related(strictly) to one of the categories given below:

  1. Latest Technology News.
  2. Software and App Reviews.
  3. Website, Software and App Alternatives.
  4. Malware, Browser Hijacker, Virus or Ransomware Removal Guide.
  5. Cyber Security.
  6. Tips and Tricks Related To Gadgets, Software and Other Technologies.
  7. How-To Guide (Technology Related Only).

Who should Guest Post On Our Website?

TechUntech is a tech niche website and only those whose business covers the categories given above should post on our website in order to gain maximum benefit.

Also, all tech and gadget enthusiasts, software review experts can post.

Guidelines Of Posting On Our Website:

Can anyone publish their article or content on our website?

YES, but only if the below given conditions are followed and fulfiled.

Check all our guidelines which should be fulfiled before you submit your article to be reviewed by our content experts.

  • Make sure that your article is covering 1 of the categories given above.
  • The article should be plagiarism free, grammatical error free and should be well structured.
  • Every line and paragraph of your content should make sense and there should not be any spelling error.
  • The article should be of minimum 1000+ words with atleast 3-5 related images.
  • Images should be original and copyright free.
  • Only 1 link per article will be allowed and no link will be provided from first 3 paragraphs of the article.
  • Make sure to give the title and description along with your content although our SEO team holds every right to make changes in the title and description as per the SEO needs.
  • No affiliate links will be accepted.
  • No links from author bio.

How To Publish Your Guest Post On Our Website?

Once your article is ready, check if you have fulfiled all the given guidelines or not because missing even a single guideline can lead to disapproval of your article.

When everything is checked all you have to do is just drop us an email on our official Email ID: query.techuntech@gmail.com.

Our team will revert you back within 3 hours and once the article is submitted to us then it will take 24-48 hours for our content team to verify your content and give our answer about the same.

Note: Spinned content or low quality articles is something we don’t even look at as we do not waste our time on such articles.

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