9 Sites That Are Perfect Replacement of Rabb.it (Alternatives) in 2020

Sites That Are Like Perfect Replacement of Rabb.it (Alternatives)

If you are looking for sites like rabbit or for rabb.it alternatives then you are at the right place but before that, You remember about rabb.it (rabbit) right?

Rabb.it was one of those software with the help of which we used to video chat with our friends online no matter where your friend is sitting. It was the software which helped us watch movies and other TV shows while talking to our friends online in real time.

But, after rabb.it people started looking for sites like rabb.it or say alternatives to rabbit which is why here we are with the best and most updated list of rabb.it alternatives which you can use to watch videos online with friends in 2020.

Also, as per the latest information, rabbit was purchased by Kast in 2019 and after a few months of working this software took its last breath and since then it is not working. This is the main reason why people are searching for a alternative streaming site like Rabbit.

  1. Twoseven:

Twoseven - Sites Like Rabb.it

Twoseven is considered as one of the best Rabb.it Alternative. Not only Twoseven is a video sharing website, but it also allows you to chat with your loved ones during the run of your favorite show or movie. Even though Twoseven is not a functional app like Rabbit, which had commentary or live audio, but it has a webcam feature that allows you to interact with your friends instantly. Twoseven makes sure you get to stream the most number of video streaming services, including Netflix, Primewire, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and many more. You can use the platform using the chrome extension.

Twoseven would be a perfect option for you if you had got used to Rabbit. It is a fabulous alternative with extra features. Except for the live audio functionality, the site is almost precisely like Rabbit.

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  1. Kosmi:

Kosmi - Best Rabbit alternative

Kosmi is becoming quite popular among Rabbit users as it is one of the best Rabb.it alternatives. You will not even have to do sign up to set up a chat room through which you will be able to chat with your loved ones while watching your desired show or movie. If you want, you can communicate over a microphone as well, if you are not comfortable with video chatting. The platform allows you to share your Amazon Prime or Netflix screen with your friends effortlessly. Moreover, Kosmi is one of the few Rabbit replacements which would enable you to share local files.

Apart from videos, you can play best free android games with your friends like Texas Holdem Poker and Quake 3 with your partner online.

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  1. Meta Stream:

Meta Stream - Rabb.it alternatives

If you are looking for a more best version of Rabb.it Alternatives, Metastream is the perfect option for you. It is one of the platforms in the list that has almost zero latency. You will be able to avail live synchronization if you use this platform. It not only supports Netflix, but it helps other famous web streaming platforms like Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube as well. Metastream is created in such a way that you will face the least percentage of the interface.

The only drawback of Metastream is that it does not have video calling or audio commentary feature, unlike Rabbit. But you will be able to contact your friends by chatting. The best thing about the platform is that it is entirely free.

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  1. Simulchat:

Simulchat - sites like rabbit

Simulchat is one of the best websites like rabb.it because it allows you to create private chat rooms where you could not only watch your favorite movies but play games and share files as well. The chat room created by you will allow you to video call your friend or family member quite easily. As the website supports text chat, you will have no problem with chatting with your friends. Even though you will be able to share video screens playing YouTube videos, but you will not be able to access significant streaming sites like Amazon or Netflix while using Simulchat.

Even though you will first have to register to use the platform, but it takes only a few seconds.

  1. Watch2gether:

Watch2gether - site like rabb.it

After Rabbit ended its course, most people turned over to Watch2gether as it is a perfect alternative to the previous site. Not only does the platform allow you to watch a video with your close ones, but it also lets you listen to music or go shopping together with your loved ones. As the platform comes with live sync playback, you will find no delay while streaming files at the same time. Watch2gether not only comes with a chat option, but you will be able to express yourself by using GIFs as well.

But remember to share videos with your friends who have the highest upload speed. Otherwise, you may face delay while watching the videos. Moreover, the platform does not allow you to video chat, unlike Rabb.it.

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  1. Netflix Party:

Netflix Party - Rabbit alternatives and replacement

If you have always dreamt of watching your favorite Netflix shows or movies with your friends, then Netflix Party is here to fulfill that dream of yours. Even though Netflix Party is one of the best alternatives to Rabbit, but it is different from the former in the sense that it only caters to Netflix videos and not other movie streaming sites. By using this platform, you will be able to synchronize your favorite Netflix videos and even chat about them simultaneously. You can invite more than one friend and start a group-watching session by using the platform.

But you must know that Netflix Party does not accommodate webcam chat or audio chat, but you can genuinely “Netflix and Chill” by using the platform.

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  1. AnimeParty:

AnimeParty - Rabb.it alternative

More and more people are getting obsessed with Anime over the years. If you and your friends are hard-core fans of Anime, then AnimeParty will not disappoint you. This platform allows you to create private chat rooms where you will be able to watch Anime movies or series from its library with your friends right at that instant. You can also take part in the group chat to enjoy the videos even more. As the sync feature of the platform is pretty excellent, you will not have any problem with latency while watching the videos.

But the only drawback of the website is that you will be able to stream any other Anime video with your friends by using this platform. You will have to rely on the videos available in the library of the website.

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  1. Rave:

Rave - Rabbit alternative and site like rabb.it

In case you are wondering if there is any platform for smartphones or not, which allows you to stream your favorite videos with your friends, then Rave – Videos with Friends is the answer to your question. It is an app that serves as one of the best rabb.it alternative. Not only will you be able to watch Netflix videos with your friends, but you can stream videos from your Vimeo or Google Drive as well. You will not only be able to chat with your friends while watching the videos, but you can audio call them as well. Rave also lets you listen to music together with your friends as well. The best thing is that you will be able to do everything through your smartphone by using Rave.

The only way Rave is different from Rabbit is that it does not have a video calling feature. But it is pretty efficient for people who do not have access to a PC.

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  1. MyCircle.tv:

mycircle.tv - sites like rabb.it

MyCircel.tv is another excellent addition to this list because it not only allows you to watch videos from significant web streaming platforms but it also lets you share and watch videos with your friends by sharing URLs. You can even chat with your friends while using MyCircle.tv and you watch videos live without any problem. The best thing about this website is that it allows you to use emojis quite efficiently with your friends while watching the videos. You can even stream videos from YouTube or Daily Motion without any hindrance.

But the site does not support audio or video chat. Nevertheless, it is a fruitless alternative to Rabb.it.

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Conclusion of Rabb.it Alternatives:

All the platforms mentioned in the list above are quite spectacular with the respect that none of them cost any money. You will be able to stream videos efficiently with your friends without spending a dime. That is why they have been mentioned quite frequently in the rabbit alternatives Reddit groups.

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