20 Best and Free Putlocker Alternative Sites in 2020

Putlocker Alternative Sites For Movies Streaming Online

If you are here looking for some of the best and free putlocker alternative sites to stream movies online then you are at the right place.

There are many hosting and file uploading platforms where people can upload movies and TV shows for free but due to many laws related to movie piracy these sites are now getting banned by the internet service providers and which is why Putlocker was also banned for the same reason.

But as we all know that there is always some alternatives to a famous thing and which is why there are many putlocker alternatives available online. For this we tested almost 62 websites out of which we came up with a list of 20 best and free putlocker alternative sites which are not banned.

But before we give you the list, do you know what putlocker actually is?

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a renowned online file hosting index website which is used for streaming movies and web-series online for free. But, in May 2016 the UK high court ordered to block Putlocker. Soon, After the ban there came in many Putlocker Alternatives which started providing same services which putlocker used to provide to its users.

Since, putlocker was highly popular among users, these putlocker alternatives took no time in getting famous as people were eagerly looking for a site like putlocker. Popularity of these sites rose with a skyrocketing speed thus, every user started streaming through these alternative sites.

You will be shocked to know that even alexa listed Putlocker in the list of top 250 websites which are considered as the most visited sites in the world.

But, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) had eyed Putlocker for a long time, and reported the site using the video content without the consent of the original content builders.

From 2016- 2018, there had been many renowned cases about using video content from Putlocker. Putlocker changed its domain, many times like Putlocker.is, putlockertv.is, putockers.cc, putlockers.rs, putlockertv.ist, and putlockerhd.is.

But, all were caught and closed. Parallely, many alternatives to putlocker are rising shine. So, to have access to movie streaming sites without getting into trouble is also important.

How To Stream Movies Online Safely?

Due to piracy threats, you might tend to get into trouble, thus to save yourself from any legal issue you must use a VPN.

A VPN allows you to stream video content from Putlocker alternatives easily and safely. Thus, VPNs like ExpressVPN or NordVPN are some of the most preferred choices to hide your IP address while streaming visual content sites.

Now, that you know the safest way to access almost any kind of video streaming website. So, let’s jump up to some of the best Putlocker alternatives 2020 to start watching your favourite content.

In order to use a VPN checkout our list of Best Free VPN For Secure Surfing Online.

20 Best and Free Putlocker Alternative Sites:

  1. Popcornflix:

Popcornflix - Putlocker Alternatives

An extraordinary website with tons of conventional as well as latest movies and TV series. Popcornflix has a simple yet effective interface and search bar on the top of navigation leverages you to browse its library.

You can easily browse and navigate through the site to find your favourite video content, whenever you need.

Accessing its library is easy through three simple tabs – Movies, TV Shows, and Viral Vids.

However, above every list, genres are mentioned like Documentaries, Horror, Comedy, Asian Action, Old School Cool, Western, Date Night, and many more to enjoy from the collection.

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  1. Popcorn Time:

Popcorn Time - Putlocker Alternative Sites

A uniquely built video streaming site to watch and download your favourite movie and video content.

The Popcorn time lets you watch videos of all kinds instantly and in Full-HD, absolutely free.

To download movies & TV shows for AppleTV 6.1 or Mac OS 10.7 and above. Also, all the content is available for Android 4.0 & above as well as for Windows XP & above.

Those using Linux can also watch and download your favourite visual content for 32-bit and 64-bit.

The website also has an app, so you can stream movies and TV shows through your mobile devices wherever you want.

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  1. Moonline:

Moonline - Putlocker Similar Site

With a bright and white background, the site reflects its domain name. The site contains an alphabetize list through which you can search your favourite movie or video content easily.

You can also browse from the endless list of high-quality full length movies available. Moonline lets you stream all of them absolutely free.

Moreover, you will find different genres at the right side of the site that you can scroll to access to those movies that you want to watch as per your mood.

Also, below them you will find the release year of the movies as well as star ratings of the movies for better eveluation.

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  1. LosMovies:

LosMovies - Site Similar to Putlocker

This alternative to putlocker streaming, contains a catalog of movies and TV shows of all genres.

You can browse either from the long list of more than 2000+ video content, or search through the trending section, or search your favourite content through movies name.

The best part about LosMovies is that you can watch the movie with subtitles available in multiple languages.

So, be it any country you can easily stream your favourite content in HD that too in your language.

However, there is only one problem with LosMovies which is its pop up blocks. So, to enjoy uninterrupted movies and TV Shows, you must install an ad-blocker on your system.

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  1. 123Movies:

123Movies - Putlocker website alternative

A well known platform for streaming movies and TV series just similar to the site Putlocker.

123movies has one of the largest libraries filled with an extensive collection of cartoon movies, anime, and Asian dramas.

123Movies has a clean and catchy user-interface that any user would like and easily comprehends the kind of content displayed. And all the content can be viewed absolutely free.

Definitely, the platform is a great alternative to Putlocker and unlike other video streaming sites, 123Movies all content is provided by the third party.

Thus, the site is quite legal as it doesn’t directly add the content but through a non-affiliated party.

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  1. Hdpopcorns:


Another popular Putlocker alternative with HD video content to view anytime and anywhere. Yes, Hdpopcorns is a brilliant platform where you can watch the latest Hollywood hits along with some of the greatest classics of all time.

Thus, that states what you see is what you get.

The navigation bar on the top allows you to choose from the alphabetized list to stream from your favourite content.

Moreover, there are other options that might interest you to offer your search result in no time like country, genre, IMDB ratings, and many more.

Most certainly TV shows and latest movie streaming sites contain 720p and 1080p. You shall find the highest quality content within the site, even some you may find in HD CAM versions.

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  1. FandangoNow:

FandangoNow - Putlocker Alternatives

FandangoNow is one of the video streaming platforms to offer you 4K resolution movies and TV series.

The quality is very impressive of the video content even when you compare it with the Blu-Ray discs.

The site gives you the leverage to stream through the latest and the best movies and TV episodes available.

Fandango contains an extensive library available for purchase as well as rentals.

Unlike other streaming sites, Fandango Now supports the latest audio and video features like surround sound and HDR for better colour formatting.

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  1. Pluto TV:

Pluto TV - Putlocker Similar Website

Pluto TV is a leading streaming TV service in America, delivering 200+ live and original channels and movies for free.

For original content, this alternative to Putlocker has partnered with major TV networks, movie studios, publishers, and digital media companies.

With the help of Amazon Fire TV and tablets, iOS, Android, and Samsung TV Plus.

Its major audience is German-speaking audiences that enjoy its other channels. Pluto TV Animals, Pluto TV History, Pluto TV Movies, Pluto TV Explore, Pluto TV action, Pluto TV Sci-Fi, and many others.

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  1. Sling TV:

Sling TV - Putlocker Alternative

Sling TV began by allowing its users to watch their own cable or satellite television from anywhere. Today, it has become one of the most desireable TV shows and movie streaming sites.

Turned out to be an effective Putlocker’s alternative, Sling TV is highly secure and legal to browse and stream through various kinds of video.

You can combine Sling services for local channels, premium movie channels, and other major services through a typical membership. The sling service only allows one device at a time to watch video content.

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  1. Hulu:

Hulu - Alternative to Putlocker

One place to watch all your favourite shows and movies. This paid video streaming site will let you browse and view video content from the thousands of options.

Hulu offers a free trial, but it is essential to buy from the  two plans that allow you to enjoy full seasons of TV shows, hit movies, kids shows, streaming from the 60+ top Live and On-Demand Tv channels including sports, news and entertainment.

The site also lets you Record Live TV supporting all kinds of devices anytime but that too with a cost to pay if you want to enjoy all that endlessly, securely and uninterrupted.

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  1. Vudu:

Vudu - Putlocker Alternative Site

VUDU is one of the similar sites to putlocker movies & Tv shows providers. The site is owned by Walmart and contains an extensive library of thousands of movies and TV Shows to watch.

The interface is simple and let’s easy navigation to every user come looking for their favourite content.

Watch the latest movies and TV shows anytime without any subscription or contract. You can enjoy while streaming the stunning video quality on any device that you want.

You can also rent or own from over 100,000 titles on Vudu anywhere.

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  1. HBO Now:

HBO Now - Best Putlocker Alternative Website

A very renowned and preferred platform to watch a high-quality series, movies, specials, sports as well as cool kids show.

The site has been up for nearly 40 years for the people who love entertainment.

HBO is an independent service similar to Netflix or Hulu, HBO Now asks to take up subscription to get going and have access to all kinds of video content.

HBO Now is the first and the best place to stream world’s video content. Many television’s most creative minds make HBO Now their only platform.

HBO Go is the alternative to putlocker to get free access to unlimited programs from any device.

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  1. Rainierland:

Rainierland - Putlocker Alternatives Free Online

Rainierland is one of the simplest movie streaming sites similar to Putlocker.

Like other streaming sites, the site contains a large library of movies, TV series that you can browse through.

It truly is one of the best alternatives of Putlocker which lets you watch everything for free.

The search bar on the top navigates to your favourite content in no time. The site contains no-ads so that you can stream your content uninterrupted.

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  1. SolarMovie:

SolarMovie - Best Alternative to putlocker

SolarMovie is another free video streaming site that contains one of the biggest collections of movies, Tv shows, and many more.

The site displays all the movies and TV shpows beautifully. With little information like brief description of the visula content, IMDb ratings, cover image to evalutae better.

The front page of the site contains a list of all the movies in both HD as well as CAM version. The search bar saves time and quick navigation to your favourite content.

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  1. PrimeWire:

PrimeWire - Free Putlocker Alternative

A good place to stream thousands and hundreds of movies and TV shows Online. Just like the Putlocker site, Primewire is also absolutely free for browsing your favorite content when you are ideal.

The site’s interface is very simple and conventional but its content is updated. The best part about Primewire even when you are out of the Internet, you can still enjoy Primewire.

Primewire provides the release year,  genre, and its rating to know how good the content is to watch.

So, you can watch from the classic collections to some of the blockbusters.

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  1. Afdah:

Afdah - Free Putlocker Alternative Site

Afdah is a web scraper that crawls and indexes sites that contain latest movies and TV shows.

This putlocker alternative site uses the third party for the extensive list of classic as well as latest visual content.

Thus, this is somewhat safe and secure to stream your favourite content.

Afdah’s notification bar has an alphabetized list as well as a multitude of genres to select to watch movies anytime as per your mood.

A small title drop down box has an actor and director option to select and watch as per the selection.

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  1. YesMovies:

YesMovies - Best Putlocker Alternative

Another brilliant alternative of Putlocker is also a great alternative for Megashare as well as XMovies8.

With quite an impressive and dark user-interface, the user can easily browse through a list of endless movies and TV shows.

You can freely and anonymously browse through the large collection of infinite video content or simply search from typing the title of the movie in the search bar.

Moreover, YesMovies allows different countries users to watch its video content lik USA, UK, Australia, Japan, and others.

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  1. MovieWatcher:

MovieWatcher - Putlocker Alternative Site

This site is a perfect example of a movie and TV show streaming site. Its sturdy library is well organised with a list of blockbuster and recommended movies that users search on a video streaming site.

The site’s content is compatible with smartphones, so that you can watch whatever you want anywhere, anytime.

For effortless navigation and easy search, Moviewatcher shares ratings of all kinds of movies. The site has also neatly segregated the movie content that is most viewed, played in theaters, popular, and others.

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  1. FMovies:

FMovies - Putlocker Best Alternative

One of the best free movie streaming sites to be named after Putlocker.com is FMovies. The site has sleek design as well as modern user-interface that comforts the eyes.

It has always been the ultimate choice of many users because of its various categories and genres to browse through. The site always displays only quality content that you are free of cost.

But, to enjoy streamless and uninterrupted movies and TV shows you must have a VPN connection.

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  1. Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video - Alternative to putlocker

Amazon Prime Video is a paid and brilliant platform that offers a feature rich categories.

Since the site offers original content, the video quality of every video is absolutely brilliant.

Amazon Prime video is a site similar to Putlocker and Netflix and as mentioned it contains original content that you can search through titles or simply browse through the list of TV shows and movies mentioned.

With a good internet connection you can watch your favourite videos, sports, movies of all genres endlessly and without any interruption.

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In the middle of many video streaming sites, Putlocker was the most renowned. But after the site was blocked, new alternatives to Putlocker came in for offering continuous movies and tv shows streaming to the world.

However, putlocker.com was banned for keeping and showing piracy content, due to which many users had to face penalty.

So, to play your favourite content type, you must have a putlocker proxy to save you instead of waiting for putlockers new site today.

Also you can just simply check out these putlocker alternative sites given by our Techuntech team so that you can stream your favourite video content without interruption. Moreover, you can limit your search based on various criteria, including last added, release year, and many more.

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