Iconosquare Reviews, Features and Pricing

Do you want to improve your social presence? There are various social media analytics & tools to check your brand’s performance. One such powerful social media analytics and management tool is Iconosquare.

One of the most amazing and important feature of Iconosquare is scheduling posts which allows you to connect and engage with our audience any point of time. With the help of Iconosquare reviews and ratings & its ultimate features  you will be able to know how this tool has turned out to be industry-leading.

Iconosquare Reviews:

Iconosquare reviews

Before we check Iconosquare reviews, let’s have a quick brief about the product!

Many of you wouldn’t know that the first version of Iconosquare was termed as Statigram. Founded in the year 2011, Statigram was a one-pager 10 Instagram metrics which gained 20,000 subscribers in a week.

Gradually, the number increased and reached 10 million in 2015, when in 2016, the first beta version, Iconosquare was released. In 2017, Iconosquare proudly associated with Instagram, the product features ramified its analyticis from Instagram to facebook.

After joining hands with the most successful and giant platforms, Iconosquare pricing & reviews proved its authenticity and accuracy certificate.

Also, just like Iconosquare there are many instagram and facebook marketing tools which you can use to enhance your brand on social media.

Here is the list of best and free instagram marketing tools for the year 2020 which you can use to increase the reach of your brand over instagram.

Iconosquare follows three I’s concept:

  • Improves Performance,
  • Improves Management, and
  • Improves Scheduling.

Iconosquare influencer index give you the complete leverage to easily access to the insights, optimize social strategy and report your clients’ social media performance from a single dashboard. Moreover, the Iconosquare influencer search gives you a solution by needs as well as business type.

Let’s know what business needs does Iconosquare focuses on!

Top 9 Features of Iconosquare:

Iconosquare Features

  1. Advanced Analytics:

Iconosquare Advanced Analytics

Image Source: Iconosquare

Iconosquare report tells you how your promotional posts are impacting the performance. Metrics like the number of reaches, engagements, impressions, follower growth, and more give you the insights to modify your strategies.

  1. Instagram’s Stories Insights:

With the help of the Iconosquare reviews 2020 and reports of the stories’ insights, one can analyze and judge what works best for their audience. Thus, you will be able to build effective strategies and optimize your performance.

  1. Deep Analysis of Engagement:

Delivering the right content at the right time to the right audience is what makes you an adept marketer. Iconosquare features let you increase the engagement rates and grow your reach impressions from your promoted Instagram posts.

Iconosquare mention and tag analysis

Image Source: Iconosquare

  1. Mentions and Tag Analysis:

The deep insight analysis of your brand’s performance includes your brand being mentioned like tagged in a photo, getting comments on videos, mentions history & more.

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  1. Iconosquare Post Scheduler:

Iconosquare Post Scheduler for Instagram

Image Source: Iconosquare

Iconosquare scheduler allows you to schedule everything and remove the stress to post as per different time zones. Post content to multiple profiles at a time (Facebook and Instagram) using automatic posting.

  1. Store and use later:

Iconosquare Media Library uses Dropbox or OneDrive to let you save as many photos you like. Categorize your content so that you avoid the risk of posting the same content.

  1. Iconosquare Feedback Preview:

With Iconosquare Feed Preview you can check how your post will look like after posting it on Instagram. The preview helps in building aesthetic posts sticking to your brand strategy.

  1. Real-time Engagement:

Iconosquare Real Time Engagement

Image Source: Iconosquare

Check the user’s conversations/comments for your brand and engage with them in the conversations. Respond to the comments posted by users to improve your brand’s performance and export what is being said.

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  1. Keep Track of Competitors:

Not just monitor your brand’s presence and effect of it on users, spy on your competitors as well. Comprehend their performance, content that is working in your niche and use them to benchmark.

What Iconsqaure starter plan has to offer to the small business, enterprise and agency are seamlessly connecting with the audience and quickly grow your visibility. Managing content, optimizing your social strategy and monitoring competitors to what is new in the industry assist a lot.

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Some more Iconosquare features are –

  • Adding new members to your team and use more than one account to serve different parts of your brand.
  • Using the Hashtag tracker easily monitor your content and user’s other activities who are tagged within your media content.
  • Monitor specific content from an Instagram Business user through the custom feeds – follow your influencers in short!
  • Profile activity gives you the insights of your links that are working to drive traffic for your business.
  • Analyze who and where your followers are, what language do they speak along with their age and gender.
  • Tag your location when posting on social media pages through the Iconosquare facebook feature. Or tag user’s accounts and location on Insta when publishing posts automatically.
  • No worry for the account being hacked, through its added security and post validation.
  • Save your time in writing captions for each post. Store them to be used later, especially when scheduling posts.

Big brands leverage the power of Iconsqaure for better brand visibility and outperform their competitors. You can also grow your brand on Instagram and Facebook by subscribing to the Iconosquare pricing starter plan. Iconosquare offers a free 14-day trial. You can extend the services to pay when you review the tool perfectly and continue to further use.

Iconosquare Pricing Model:

Iconosquare allows you to manage more than 15 social profiles at a time.  Iconosquare pricing plans are available for all types of business – small or large or mid-sized. Moreover, they offer prices on a monthly as well as a yearly basis, however, you are in a profit if you consider a yearly plan. You can clearly understand the pricing model of Iconosquare through this table.

Subscription Pro/ For Small Business Advanced/ For Enterprises For Agency
Monthly $29 $59 Not specified
Yearly $39 $79 Not specified

So, what do you get in these Iconosquare pricing subscriptions?

Iconosquare Pricing Subscriptions:

Pro Advanced Agency
3 Social Profiles 5 Social Profiles 10 Social Profiles
2 Team Members 3 Team Members Unlimited
3 Competitors per profile 5 Competitors per profile 10 Competitors per profile
3 Hashtags per profile 5 Hashtags per profile 10 Hashtags per profile
Analytics Analytics Analytics
Promoted Post Analytics Promoted Post Analytics
Industry benchmark Industry benchmark Industry benchmark
Conversations Conversations Conversations
Scheduler Scheduler Scheduler
XLS Reports XLS Reports XLS Reports
PDF Reports PDF Reports
Custom Dashboard
Tags and Mentions
Company Branded PDF reports
Customer Success program

Some of the trusted companies who started with the Iconosquaredemo, today are using it full time. Some of them are H&M, National Geographic, Lufthansa, Premier League, Hilton, KCD, Loreal, and IKEA. There are many more features that Iconsqure provides pricing for which you can learn from their salesperson.

Don’t Just Compare Iconosquare, Implement It!

Iconosquare customer reviews

Image Source: Iconosquare

Discover the most powerful social media (Facebook & Instagram) analytics, management & scheduling platform for your agency. Social media scheduling has never been so easy but, with the help of Iconosquare reviews 2020, you can leverage the power of Iconosquare analytical tool to enhance your brand power.

Improve performance with insightful industry benchmarks through Iconosquare influencer research. Learn how competitors are enhancing their content strategies to captivate engagement of their audience. You can also boost your niche brand by boosting social presence with the help of Iconosquare scheduler.

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