How To Remove (Uninstall) Bloatware From Android Phone [2020]

Every phone that you buy comes with some pre loaded unwanted application that you can no way delete or uninstall. These types of apps are typically known as Bloatware. They not only take up your phone’s space but also are of no use which can sometimes be annoying. These applications are bloatware on your android devices. So, if you too are frustrated by them and want to know how to remove bloatware from android devices, this is just the right article for you.

It’s clear from the overview of what is bloatware. Bloatware are value-added apps that can be both free as well as paid. The biggest question arises here is, whether they are paid or free, why are they in-built in our devices?

The reason behind pre installation of these value added apps is because of the contracts that many carriers have with the manufacturers of the mobile devices. In order to escalate and spread their product worldwide, in-built apps in the devices are one of the most efficient ways.

However, bloatware in windows or android can be annoying but, they are not malicious or bad in nature. You may see they simply just stay on your phone.

So, how to free your PC or android devices with them? You can simply disable them, but that too will not completely remove them from your device. This is a temporary solution.

Whether you are tech savvy or not, we will help you with simple steps to completely uninstall the bloatware apps from android as well as windows.

So, let’s begin by learning to uninstall the value added apps without root access and then we will learn to disable some of the apps and then to delete some.

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How To Uninstall Or Remove Bloatware From Android Without Rooting?

How To Uninstall Or Remove Bloatware From Android Without Rooting

If you want to completely uninstall these annoying applications you will need to become a little they person. The process has been tried on various android devices like google pixel, LG and Smasung galaxy.

  • The first step would require installing a driver (USB from universal USB drivers).
  • Then, download the ADB binary that looks compatible with your operating system.
  • Convert the zip file to a folder to make it easily accessible.
  • In your android device, select setting -> about phone-> tap onto the build number or the MIUI version 7 times (a popup will appear saying “you are now a developer”).
  • After entering the developer options, find USB debugging to enable it.
  • Connect a USB cable from your phone to your PC to transfer files.
  • Once your device is found in your PC enable the ‘file transfer’ option.
  • Browse the directory from where you extracted or downloaded the ADB binary.
  • Open and launch the command prompt (you can use the shortcut by pressing the right click key and shift button and then click on the ‘open command prompt here’).
  • Enter the ‘adb devices’ command and you shall see a pop up seeking permission for USB debugging.
  • When opting ‘yes’ the process will run. You will need to re-run the adb devices command.
  • Doing so the terminal will print a serial number.
  • Enter ‘adb shell’ shell in front of the ‘ C:\Users\file or folder name\downloads\platform-tools>.
  • Further, execute the ‘$ pm list packages | grep ‘oneplus’ package:com.oneplus.calculator – in order to find the package names.
  • Execute and run the command – “Oneplus:/ $ pm uninstall -k –user 0 net.oneplus.launcher”
[su_note]Note: In order to find the package name of an installed application you can simply install the App Inspector application.[/su_note]

Using this method you can easily remove any bloatware app in android without rooting your phone. Moving onto next, we shall see a much easier process, which is how to disable any bloatware application in android.

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How To Disable Bloatware From Android Device?

Definitely, disabling the bloatware apps from the android devices doesn’t require any root access. It is a much easier process and does not require connecting our phone to PC for some exceptional coding work. Thus, to remove or disable bloatware from android you need to –

  • Open up your phone’s settings.
  • You can either search the app or simply pull down the notification shade and click a little nut icon.
  • Scroll down to ‘application’ in the setting and click to open.
  • The ongoing or the apps present on your phone will be visible.
  • Whichever app you click to a new page opens up asking you to either ‘Disable’ it or ‘Force Stop’ it.
  • Click on the “Disable’ button, a pop up will appear for re assurance.
  • You can further ‘force stop’ the app – it’s absolutely optional. Anyway the application will not be running.
  • You can enable the app when needed in future.

Next is to delete the bloatware apps from the devices or you can say is removing bloatware via root.

How To Remove Bloatware With A Rooted Android Device?

How To Remove Bloatware With A Rooted Android Device

Rooting is a way that can unlock the absolute potential of your mobile device. You can get accessibility to the hidden directories in your phone which were blocked by the manufacturer (OEM). It is not a tedious task, just a few steps and you can delete the bloatware app on android.

In order to run root you will have to run the ‘sudo’ command. To root into your phone, you will have to download a specific application like Superuser. One of the popular is Titanium backup, this enables you to open up the locked applications that you want to uninstall.

Flashing custom ROM, RUU, or SBF can help you access root.However, there are many risks and limitations involved with rooting, it is very less suggested unless you are a tech savvy.

Last but not the least, from android devices let’s move to your PCs. There are ways to remove bloatware from Windows 10 as well.

Learn How To Remove Bloatware From Windows:

How To Remove Bloatware From Windows

In order to remove the preinstalled programs from windows 10, there are many softwares that can be used. Let’s begin with the first option.

  1. Remove Bloatware from Windows 10 with Revo Uninstaller Manually:

To run Revo uninstaller, you will have to download the software first,

  • Open the file/folder installed in order to start the program.
  • The Revo uninstaller will show the list of programs on your Windows 10 PC.
  • Select the program that you want to remove from the PC completely
  • And click “Uninstall”.
  1. Remove Bloatware from Windows 10 with Decrap automatically:

The previously mentioned software required manual removal of bloatware apps. This software is programmed to uninstall the applications or programs within your Windows 10 or other versions of Windows PC automatically.

  • Download and install the Decrap.
  • Open and let it start the Decrap for setup.
  • You can also run the program automatically without the need for setup.
  • Once it is ready, it will scan out all the programs on your computer.
  • A pop up will appear showing two different categories – Automatically starting software and third party software.
  • Click “Next”. If you want you can create a system restore point (when asked).
  • Decrap will ask to uninstall automatically and will clean the registry.
  1. Remove Bloatware from Windows by reinstalling Windows from Scratch:

This is a very common process performed to remove bloatware from PC. Reboot the entire Windows and install all new fresh windows. With the help of a valid license key you can easily set up a new Windows and work on it smoothly. Do not forget to reinstall drivers and other necessary softwares.


Bloatware are space consuming apps which earlier couldn’t be uninstalled. But, today’s tech savvy people have found out ways to uninstall the pe-built ones. So, if you have multiple useless apps in your phone and you want to remove bloatware from Android devices, try out the above tips given by TechUntech team.

Also, tell us the options that you like to remove bloatware from Windows 10 mentioned above. If you have any other suggestions, do tell us to help people to uninstall them.

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