How to Recover Permanently Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger?

Most of us use Facebook messenger for chatting with our friends and family, and if we ever lose such chats, then that does not make any difference in our lives. But if we are dealing with something important on Facebook messenger and all our essential chat or conversations list got deleted, then how to recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook messenger?

If this question also revolves around in your mind, then do follow this post till the end. As here, we will look at some of the most efficient and reliable methods to recover deleted facebook messenger messages and facebook data.

But before heading forward with the central section, let us look at some of the essential facts about the Facebook messenger.

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Some Facts About Facebook Messenger

Here is the list of must know facts about the Facebook messenger, which are as follows:

    • You would be able to directly call or do a video chat with any person with Facebook messenger’s help.
    • There are many personalization features, and one of the crucial options is you can change the bubble color. By seeing which, you can figure out who is messaging you, and you would not have to look at that person’s name either.
    • Messenger even offers you a feature for muting group chats. Moreover, it is entirely upon you for how much time you want to mute that group chat.
    • There are several ordering integrations available with Facebook messenger. One of my most favorite things is ordering pizza and other such things for your friends.
    • It also comes with Yahoo weather addition, with the help of which you can look at the local weather.

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How To Retrieve Permanently Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger?

In this section of our post, we will look at some of the most efficient and reliable ways with the help of which we can recover deleted facebook messages.

1. Unarchiving Facebook Messages

Unarchiving Facebook Messages To Get Back Deleted Messages

The first way with the help of which you can get your deleted messages back on Facebook messenger is by unarchiving the archived messages. In most cases, it was noticed that sometimes we forget to delete the messages, and instead of deleting, we archive them.

If this is the case with you, you need to check the required messages under the archive folder. For having a look at the archive folder, you first launch your Facebook messenger app, and then from the search bar, you can search for that person’s name for checking. If you have moved those chats into the archive, you will get them into search results.

You just need to click on the search results, and you would be able to access them. Moreover, if you are using Facebook on PC, you need to open the Facebook Messenger, and under the messages, tab clicks on the setting icon and then click on Archived Threads.

2. Restoring Deleted Messages

Restoring Deleted Messages on Facebook

Here is another option on how to retrieve deleted facebook messages, and under this condition, you need to use the restore deleted messages option. In the first step, you need to login to your Facebook account and then click on the Settings option.

If you have switched to the new version of facebook then you have to click on “Your Facebook Information” button which is given in the menu located on the left side of screen and then click on the “Download Your Information” tab and if you are still using the old version of facebook then under “General Account Settings“, you need to move towards “Your Facebook Information Details” and then move to the “Download Your Information Button“.

Within a few seconds, you would be able to reach a new web page from where you can download your account’s whole information from the day you joined facebook and can even get the downloaded information on your registered email address.

Whenever you download the data, you would be able to choose between options from where you can select the information you wanted to download and untick the others. Right after selecting the data you want to download, make sure to click on the download button to download file.

3. Recovering Facebook Messages Using File Management App

Many android users are not aware that our systems create a separate copy of all the messages received in the file management system of our device. In order to retrieve deleted messages from your facebook messenger, you need to open the File explorer installed on your device. Then you need to open the Android folder, and from the Data folder, you need to open fb_temp from the cache folder.

You would be able to get all your Facebook messenger messages saved in the fb_temp folder.

4. Recovering Deleted Messages By Connecting A Smartphone To PC

In some cases, we are unable to check out the Facebook messenger backup files in our smartphones. Hence that’s the reason we can find those folders by connecting our smartphone to the PC. You need to connect your smartphone to the PC with a USB cable, and under the SD card storage, you need to find the com.facebook.orca folder.

In this folder, you need to move to the cache by doing a long press and then locate fb_temp. Hence under this folder, you would be able to find all the Facebook messenger backup and messages.

5. Using Data Recovery Softwares

Here we have the final option in the list with the help of which you can recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook messenger by using a data recovery tool or software. Although there are several such applications, you can use the Stellar data recovery tool for android devices.

You need to install the software on your PC and connect the smartphone to your system. Hence right after that, you can start a scan in the tool for finding your lost messages. Within a few seconds, you would be able to get all those lost Facebook Messenger messages.

This was all about the ways to recover permanently deleted messages on Facebook messenger.

Tips To Never Lose Facebook Chats and Messages

There are plenty of ways with the help of which you can backup your facebook chats and other such information in your cloud data storage. With this tip you will never lose your data ever.


Here we have come to the end of this post in which we discussed everything about recovering our permanently deleted messages from Facebook messenger. We have had a look at 5 different ways, and you can pick up the most appropriate option according to your requirements. Along with that we also had a look at a few must-know facts about facebook messenger.

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