Best Guide on How To Make a Minecraft Server With Hamachi

We know that you are here looking for ways on how to make minecraft server with hamachi and trust us that this this post is surely going to help you in creating a hamachi minecraft server by giving a step by step process of the same. Also, here you will learn how to setup a minecraft server with hamachi.

Minecraft is one of the best video game you can ever play. Minecraft is basically a game where you have to create elements, environment and characters using blocks and other building materials.

Hamachi, also known as LogMeIn Hamachi is a VPN software which is used by many. One of the best feature of hamachi is creating servers on minecraft so that users can play minecraft on LAN with friends.

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You can setup the server easily by downloading and using hamachi vpn. Apart from using hamachi you can even try some other hamachi alternatives to make and setup a minecraft server.


Creating Minecraft Server With Hamachi For Windows and Mac:

Downloading and Installing Hamachi:

  • In order to create your own server the very first step is to open the given link in your browser

Open Hamachi Download Link

  • Click on the download button to start the downloading process of hamachi.

Click to download hamachi

  • Once the downloading has been completed, click on the downloaded file to start the installation process of hamachi on your windows PC.

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Hamachi can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

1. For Windows:

When you will double click on the downloaded setup file it will automatically start the installation process. You will be then asked for a preferred language to select from a given list of languages.

Select the checkbox under the terms and conditions and click on finish to complete the installation process of hamachi in windows.

2. For Mac:

It is quite similar to the windows setup. For Mac you will have a zip file downloaded and when double clicked it will start the installation process of LogMeIn Hamachi.

Click on the open button and verify that you want to download hamachi in your mac by entering your mac password.

Setting Up Minecraft Server on Hamachi:

In order to prepare your own hamachi minecraft server setup, click on the link given below to download minecraft server:

Link –>

Now click on the link minecraft_server.1.15.2.jar to download the the minecraft server.

minecraft_server.1.15.2.jar file

Creating a minecraft server will require an updated version of both minecraft and java. So, if your minecraft is not updated then make sure to update it before installing minecraft server.

If your Java is not updated then you can just download the file by clicking on the link given below to update your java.

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It is always recommended that you should create a new and empty folder where you can keep all your minecraft server setups and downloads.


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How To Setup Hamachi Minecraft Server For Windows:

After installing and downloading the minecraft server files in your computer, you shoulld now:

  • Open up the minecraft server folder that consists of all important files in it.
  • Click and ppen the ‘pack’ file in notepad and change the below given code for smooth running.

Code: ‘eula = false’ to ‘eula = true’

  • Let the server unpack all the items and load them so that you can configure LogMein Hamachi Server easily.

How To Setup Hamachi Minecraft Server for Mac:

  • Click on the already downloaded minecraft launcher.
  • If your minecraft is not of current version then you have to download the updated version.
  • Double click on the minecraft server folder to load and unpack all important zip files.
  • Change the line of code from ‘eula = false’ to ‘eula = true’ in the pack file which you can open in notepad.
  • Let the Minecraft server finish the loading process and once done you can close the window.

Your Minecraft server is ready now all you have to do is just configure it with hamachi vpn.

How To Configure LogMeIn Hamachi LAN Server for Minecraft:

As you have already downloaded and installed hamachi on your PC, you can now begin the configuration process to setup minecraft server with LogMeIn hamachi.

To begin with:

  • Open Logmein Hamachi VPN App or the downloaded software and click on the “Network” tab from the menu bar.
  • Click on the power button and enter your login id and password details.
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If you are new, then you can create an account by clicking on the sign up button.


Once logged in,

  • Click on “Create a New Network”.
  • A box will appear asking for ‘Network ID’ and ‘Password’.
  • Enter the required details by checking the network ID from your minecraft server.
  • Click enter to complete the configuration process.

Do not forget to paste your Himachi IP address to your server folder and rename the ‘server properties’ text file.

After creating a VPN network in Hamachi ask your friends to join your network so that you all can play along.

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How To Become The Host Of A Minecraft Game:

Before you become the host of the game make sure that your hamachi minecraft server is working properly.

1. For Single Player Minecraft Game:

  1. Double click to open the minecraft game and click on the single player option.
  2. Click on the escape key and select the LAN button to open the options menu.
  3. With the help of hamachi’s chat window or any other chat method, distribute the 5 digit port number so that others can join the game.

2. For Multi player Minecraft Game:

  1. Click to open the multiplayer option from the main menu or else click ‘Add a Server’ or ‘Direct Connect’.
  2. Copy and paste the host’s IPv4 address to the server address box along with the 5 digit port number.
  3. Click on join the server.

While setting up your LAN, there can be some chances of you facing some issues. If you are facing any LAN bug, then you must check out the below given steps to fix them for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

How To Fix Hamachi Minecraft LAN Server Bug Issue:

Earlier with the 1.14.1 version, gamers were experiencing some issues related to LAN IP address. The bug was displaying a message stating that the hamachi minecraft LAN IP is incorrect.

Therefore many gamers even posted some questions on forums asking “why hamachi minecraft server is not working” or “how to resolve hamachi minecraft server not working issue”. However, the bug has been resolved now.

But still, if you are facing a similar kind of issue where the port number is displaying incorrect, then follow these steps:

  1. In LogenMein Hamachi, right-click the big number near the top of the window and copy it. (This is your Hamachi IPv4 address)
  2. Paste the 5-digit port number shown in Minecraft.
  3. You are done, you will now have your game’s IP address correct.

To Conclude:

Download, install and configure hamachi with minecraft to make your own Hamachi Minecraft Server for Windows and Mac. You can even play as a single player or be the host to play with multiple players online very easily.

However, there are a few limitations with it as LogMeIn Hamachi allows only 5 players to play at a time in the free version of hamachi but you can purchase the paid version if you want to increase the number of players. Also, it might have some USB modem connections issues via 3G or 4G network.

We hope that this article by TechUntech has helped you in making your own minecraft server with hamachi and now you will be able to create a hamachi minecraft server very easily to play the game with your friends online.

Drop your views in our comment box.

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