10 Best uTorrent Alternatives in 2020 (Download Torrent Files)

Are you looking for some of the Best uTorrent Alternatives from where you can download torrent files to watch your favourite movie?

Well, you are the right place. This article by TechUntech team will give you a list of best utorrent alternatives in 2020.

uTorrent earlier was an open-source platform that allowed easy access to download movies and TV shows. uTorrent was taken over by BitTorrents, which locked most of the visuals. So, in order to watch your favorite visuals you will have to take its premium version. Else you can simply look for various alternatives to uTorrent.

Not all similar to uTorrent are the perfect ones, because there are clients that do not wait to put up malwares which could easily harm your device. Thus, the uTorrent alternatives that are listed below are absolutely free to access and analytically observed.


Is torrenting legal or safe? Unless you download and watch movies sanctioned on any platform, it is safe and legal. However, not always you will be able to judge the legality of the content that you are watching. There might be chances that you get caught downloading illicitly.

So, if you want to enjoy stress-free,safe, and seamless video streaming experience, you must check out these best utorrent alternatives 2020 below.

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List Of Best uTorrent Alternatives 2020

  1. Transmission:

Transmission - uTorrent Alternatives

Transmission is an open-source cross platform, volunteer-based project. The user is free from toolbars, pop-up ads, flash ads, and other to enjoy seamless streaming. Its source code is available for everyone. Also, this BitTorrent client does not track its users data.

Transmission consists of a simple design with powerful functionality. With just a few clicks you can easily configure transmission’s advanced features like watch directories, bad peer blocklists, and web interface.

Many home device manufacturers ship transmission because it can get easily integrated with any kind of device. As a better version of uTorrents, transmission doesn’t need enough space in your PC due to its low memory footprint.

Few of its powerful features are encryption, web interface, peer exchange, magnet links, DHT, uTP, UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding, webseed support, tracker editing, global & per-torrent speed limits, and many more.

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  1. Vuze:

Vuze - uTorrent Alternative

This Bittorrent client end-to-end software application provides users with all the torrent needs. Alike transmission, Vuze Bittorrent program maintains a lightweight footprint to consume minimum space of your CPU.

This utorrent alternative is easy to download and can automatically optimise torrent download speed. It supports all kinds of operating systems – from Windows to Mac to linux. Vuze has a free as well as paid version that gives you extensive features.

Vuze’s features are – accessibility to torrent bundles, integrated with meta search for content discovery, easy customization of library, remotely control through web as well as mobile, swarm discoveries, burn DVDs, built-in antivirus protection, and many more.

  1. Deluge:

Deluge - uTorrent Alternatives

Another lightweight, cross platform free to access software, Deluge is an accurate alternative for uTorrent. This Bittorrent client is licensed under GNU GPLv3+ and adheres freedesktop standards enabling it to support all kinds of operating systems.

With a rich collection of plugins, you can extend the Deluge’s functionality. Its client server can easily standalone as a desktop application and even as a client server. Deluge contains some of the common features such as –

Protocol encryption, Peer exchange (PEX), Local Peer Discovery, DHT, UPnP, NAT-PMP, Proxy support, Web seeds, global and per-torrent speed limits including libtorrent library.

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  1. Bitport.io:

Bitport.io - Alternative to uTorrent

Bitport allows you to download fast torrents to a secured online cloud. This utorrent alternative supports all platforms from Apple Tv to Chromecast to FTP to Android and apple devices.

Bitport.io is absolutely safe to port information, files from libraries to your operating system. With the help of an internet connection and cloud storage you can have access to your data anytime and anywhere.

Bitport do not ask for a browser to set up to run, using the same old browser you can easily download files with the blink of an eye. The files downloaded are checked by antivirus, NOD32.

You can register to a premium account that is protected with SSL certificate and to buy it you can use your bitcoins too.

  1. Tixati:

Tixati - Alternative to uTorrent

Unlike many other pirated Bittorrent clients, Tixati boasts to offer a platform without any spyware or adware. You can easily install or uninstall the junk-free uTorrent alternative without adding any non-essential files, folder to your operating system.

Be it Windows 7,8 or 10, or Linux platform, Tixati supports all versions of these platforms. A new portable release has been made- Tixati v2.68 which is dynamic and powerful. This version can easily run on USB flash-drives or other media.

Tixati is an independent platform that does not require Java or .Net frameworks. Thus, contains configuration platform-neutral files in an executable folder which gets stored in an executable binary files.

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  1. BitLord:

Bitlord - uTorrent Alternative

A versatile alternative to uTorrent where you can easily find audios, video, texts and games to play while downloading. BitLord collects torrents from all around the world to give you accurate results.

Access and create an easy playlist of your favorite audios and videos downloaded in this Bittorrent client. Reviews section allow you to check the users thoughts over the platform and also lets you share your thoughts too.

Bitlord is absolutely free to use based upon lots of open-source projects and depend upon LibTorrent open source library.

  1. qBittorrent:

qBittorrent - Best uTorrent Alternative

An open-source software with polished user interface, qBittorrent consists of a well-integrated and an extensible search engine to search your fav audios or videos. This extensive uTorrent similar software supports all platforms – Windows, Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, OS/2 and available in more than 70 languages.

qBittorrent allows ad-free streaming and sequential downloading. The software supports RSS feed, offers advanced download filter, remote control through web UI, bandwidth scheduler, and IP filtering.

qBittorrent supports many Bittorrent extensions like – DHT, PEX, LSD, private torrents, encrypted connections, Magnet links, IPv6 complaint, UPnPNAT-PMP port forwarding, torrent creation tool, and many more.

  1. FrostWire:

FrostWire - Best Alternative to uTorrent

Proclaimed as an easy and fast cloud downloader Bittorrent client that works same on all platforms – like Ubuntu, Windows, Mac, RPM, Android, and Java compatible operating system.

FrostWire allows you to access browse, download only the media that you want. Create your own playlists and listen to them even in your car using its built-in gesture-based audio player.

FrostWire app lets you search within your small screen with the help of creative common and free download files from different torrent search engines and cloud sources.

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  1. FileStream.me:

Filestream.me - Best uTorrent Similar Site

FileStream.me is a secure download manager and your private cloud storage. This brilliant alternative of utorrent lets you store audio, video and magnets within a blink of an eye. The software streams from more than 900 sites for accurate results so that you can stream or download your favorite visuals on local devices.

The best thing about this alternative is that it only needs your browser to run. The platform boasts to offer a speed of 1000GBPS in order to download any file/folder in a blink of an eye.

FileStream.me uses its own servers and internet thus, do not need to get connected to their services download files or any kind.

  1. WebTorrent Desktop:

WebTorrent Desktop - uTorrent Alternative Best

One of the best uTorrent alternatives of all, WebTorrent Desktop is a streaming torrent app. This similar software to Bittorrent client supports all operating systems.

WebTorrent Desktop acts as mediator between Bittorrent and WebTorrent peers. Whether it’s video from the Internet archive, music from creative commons, or audiobooks from librivox, you get it all with split seconds.

WebTorrent Desktop is an 100% open source, where its code is available on Github. You get ad free, lightweight, beautiful user experience from this software.

It’s fully featured and is based on the most comprehensive torrent package in Node.js so that you can fully enjoy instant audio and video streaming.

To Conclude:

Tell us which one do you think has outnumbered others to become the best uTorrent Alternative of 2020. Most of them are free to integrate and easy to download. They have their own servers for easy download of files into cloud storage.

However, most of them are compatible with all kinds of operating systems so that you can play your fav tracks or video anywhere anytime on any device.

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