10 Best Tumblr Alternatives You Should Start Using in 2020

If you are looking for best tumblr alternatives then this article is what you are looking for.

Social Media has been a great part and parcel of our lives. Now people can’t even imagine their lives without famous social media platforms like instagram, facebook, snapchat, tumblr. Tumblr is one of the best and unique social media platforms which is based on blogging format. But, with growing number of blogging platforms people are looking for more tumblr like sites so that they can expand their blogging on other platforms as well.

This is why we have curated some of the best and free tumblr alternatives here in this article, which will allow you to avail of all the services of Tumblr with some extra features as well.

As you might already know, you can not only post pictures on Tumblr, but you can even create short blogs and attach multimedia links along with the photos over there.

The sites which we are mentioning in this blog have all the exciting qualities and features of Tumblr. Most people nowadays are searching for tumblr alternatives because now it has gotten very strict on the quality of posts and images. Now users cannot see or post NSFW content after Verizon Media has bought Tumblr update. If you are one of the those people who are looking for tumblr alternatives or a new tumblr app then you will find this blog quite compelling.

List Of Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2020:

The given sites are quite popular among users all across the world and many of the following were created even before Tumblr. So let’s check them out now:

  1. WordPress:

WordPress - Tumblr Alternative Free

If you have not been living under a rock, you will know about WordPress. It is one of the most famous platform for blogging in the world. Though the platform comes in two versions, namely a free content management system that is open-sourced and a premium blogging for the new bloggers. As the platform offers a wide variety of customization and themes, users get to create spectacular blogs out there. Moreover, WordPress also allows you to enhance your page by inserting advanced plug-ins. People are quite fond of WordPress because it not only supports multiple users, but it can be integrated into social media platforms as well.

If you are new to blogging and content creation, WordPress will be a perfect alternative to Tumblr for you. Even if you do not know much about creating new blogs, you will get a lot of help from WordPress.

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  1. DeviantArt:

DeviantArt - Alternative to Tumblr

Not everyone who wants to create content writes blogs. If you are an artist who is searching for a Tumblr alternative platform, DeviantArt will be great for you. Even though the website is relatively unknown, but it is one of the most convenient alternatives to the said platform. You will be able to share your artwork over there quite easily and also get to witness a lot of spectacular content by different artists. It is not only limited to digital artists, but you can share any hand-drawn paintings as well out there.

Even though the platform does not have a variety of customization and plug-ins, you will be able to connect with a lot of artistic people like yourself through this site.

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  1. Typepad:


TypePad is one of the simplest platforms in the world that is an excellent alternative to Tumblr. Several renowned channels in the world, including ABC, BBC, MSNBC, and others, use this platform to create their blogs. As there are a vast number of built-in tools available with the website, you will be able to use this platform quite easily. TypePad also has a network where it promotes the most popular blogs over there. In case your blog also gets supported in their system, you will be able to receive a lot of traffic. The platform also offers Google Analytics, editing based on a CSS theme, and others as well.

Even though TypePad first offers a free trial, you will have to pay a fee to use the platform regularly eventually.

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  1. Site123:

Site123 - Tumblr Like Site

In case you are looking forward to creating your website, then Site123 will surprise you. As it is considered to be the best tumblr alternative site, you will be able to customize your site as well. Although Site123 is not precisely like Tumble concerning versatility, it offers its users great tools as well. If you use the said tools, you will not have any problem in creating a spectacular website of your own. As the platform will let you choose from a wide variety of templates, you might not even miss Tumblr.

You will not only get to create websites for your business but your blogs as well in Site123. Moreover, you can customize your domain name while using the platform without spending any money.

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  1. Ghost.org:

Ghost.org - Best Tumblr alternative

If you want to be a published blogger or content writer but do not want to spend a considerable amount of money, Ghost.org is the solution for you. As the platform is open-sourced, you will be able to publish your blogs and articles quite easily out there. Ghost is quite faster than other options in this blog because it runs on Node.js environment. At the price of 5USD to 10USD per month, you will be able to host your website. Or else, you can get the web-hosted package at the rate of 19USD per month.

It comes with third-party apps, developer tools, post and analytics, and other features. You can use the platform for free for 14 days and decide for yourself whether you want to publish your content on the site or not.

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  1. Mastodon:


Mastodon is one of the best tumblr alternative 2020 site in the world that is quite similar to Twitter as well. The platform allows people to follow other users and also allows them to make comments on any posts. It is quite identical to different social media sites. For example, if you post anything on Mastodon, anybody could like or repost your content. As the platform is open-sourced, it is quite popular throughout the world. Even though it is not precisely like Tumblr, some may agree that it is better than the new tumblr app.

As the site comes with “Hot Keys,” you will be able to create exciting posts by using your keyboard only. The best thing about the website is that it does not disturb its users by including advertisements.

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  1. PostHaven:

PostHaven - New Tumblr Site

Although PostHaven is not a free website, it is one of the top candidates for being the alternative to Tumblr. You will have to pay 5USD per month to avail of the platform. By paying the amount, you will be the owner of a blog account, and each month, you will be able to post up to 10 blogs. As the company claims that none of the services of the platform will ever get sold, you will be sure about your account’s security out there. You can easily password-protect your blog, activity regarding your blog, and your email notifications as well.

But remember, the platform does not provide a trial version like the other platforms in this blog. You will have to pay the said fee to get started.

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  1. Medium:

Medium - New Tumblr App

Medium is currently one of the most popular tumblr alternative android app in the world, mostly because the ex-CEO of Twitter creates it. Even though the platform is not that old, it has become quite famous with the new bloggers in the world. Unlike other platforms in the list, Medium concentrates more on the quality of the contents rather than their quantity. It is more interested in the relation between the author and reader and not on page traffics and views. In case you love writing genuinely, you will find Medium even better than Tumblr.

The platform will allow you to follow a lot of curated content as well. You can make your blogs public or private according to your accord by using Medium.

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  1. Blogger:

Blogger - Free Tumblr Alternative

Blogger is a well-known platform for blogging, and it is created by Google. The platform allows you to not only post your blogs, but it also allows you to access sensitive information like traffic sources, page views per month, and others. You will be able to earn money as well by posting your blogs on the platform because it is integrated with Google’s AdSense program. Now the user interface of Blogger is quite spectacular as well, and it is one of the most good-looking blogging platforms now. You can post your blogs through your email as well while using Blogger.

But remember, you will not be able to host your blog as well as your web server while using the platform.

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  1. Soup.io:

Soup.io - Best alternative to tumblr

Soup is one of the best tumblr alternative site on the list, as it is quite similar to the said platform. Not only does the platform let you post texts but videos and photographs as well. As Soup allows you to import media content from other social networking sites like Reddit or Twitter, you will be able to use the website quite easily. After creating your content out there, you will be able to post it on Facebook directly. Moreover, there are a lot of groups on Soup where you can join. From Tv shows to movies, from animals to nature, the groups in Soup are quite varying.

Even though the platform is quite fun, it is not as professional as WordPress or Blogger.

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  1. Pillowfort:


Pillowfort is the best tumblr alternative app because it has all the exciting features of Tumblr and more. As Tumblr has been restricted since 2017, you will not be able to NSFW contents out there. But in Pillowfort, you will not only be able to post NSFW content but also witness them as well. You can share or post GIFs, texts, photos, and any other material with any people who follow you out there. But remember, you will have to get an invite link to join the platform.

Pillowfort is likely to become better than Tumblr in the upcoming future.

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  1. ShareSome:

ShareSome - Alternative to tumblr

Although ShareSome is one of the newest platforms in this list, yet it has become quite popular in the past few years. As the site is mainly based on adult content, it is focused on those who want to post adult videos or blogs online. In case you want to engage in such materials, you can surely use ShareSome, and you can be assured about your safety as well.

The platform makes sure nobody knows your identity. Moreover, not only is the website free, but you can log in to it by just entering your email.

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  1. Wix:

Wix - tumblr alternatives

Wix is such a fabulous alternative to Tumblr that allows its users to create a gorgeous website of their own. By getting your website through the said platform, you will be able to build your online presence successfully. You can easily use Wix to not only post-professional blogs, but video contents and personal blogs as well. It is one of the best website building platforms for a budding blogger.

You can also use the platform if you are a business owner, and you want to grow the online presence of your business.

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  1. Pinterest:

Pinterest - Free Tumblr Similar Site

Even though Pinterest is mainly there on the internet to share pictures, but it can also allow your business to grow organically. Even though Pinterest is quite similar to Tumblr, but it is pretty different as well. Pinterest does not allow you to share videos or audio posts, but Tumblr does. Nevertheless, Pinterest is a more fun website to share all of the exciting ideas in your brain.

But, remember, you will not be able to share blogs out there.

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  1. LinkedIn:


Although you know almost everything about LinkedIn, did you know it is quite similar to Tumblr in many ways? Both LinkedIn and Tumblr allow you to share content and interact with different people with similar interests. The only difference between the said two websites is that LinkedIn is present for creating a professional network while Tumblr is there for creative networking.

Not only as a job seeker, but LinkedIn also helps you as a business owner. It is the most popular platform to get and jobs as well as employees.

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  1. Reddit:

Reddit - tumblr alike site

Though there are different similarities between Reddit and Tumblr, there are specific differences too. Where Tumblr is mainly based to showcase your talent, Reddit is there to direct you towards the right contender for blogs and businesses. If you are a blogger or a business owner, you can avail of the paid promotion schemes in Reddit, which will allow generating more traffic towards your website.

The best thing about joining Reddit is that it has several users throughout the world. As a content maker, you will be able to get a lot of viewers out there.

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  1. Flickr:

Flickr - New Tumblr App

If you are a photographer and want to share your talent with other people in the world, Flickr is the best tumblr alternative for you. As it is an online picture sharing website, you will be able to store many photos in your account. Though for that, you will have to buy a subscription package. Even if you are not a professional blogger, you will be able to use Flickr to depict your pictures.

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  1. Newgrounds:

Newgrounds - New Tumblr Site

Newgrounds is an excellent alternative to Tumblr as it also allows you to post your content and blogs quite quickly like the said platform. As the website is accessed by many renowned bloggers and authors in the world, you will be able to share your work with different people.

You will also get genuine feedback from experienced bloggers. The platform is entirely free.

  1. Dreamwidth:

Dreamwidth - Best Tumblr Site

Dreamwidth is like Tumblr, except it is specially designed for online journals. If you want to keep a daily diary or journal of your life without being judged, Dreamwidth is the best option for you. Unlike Tumblr, Dreamwidth does not impose unnecessary censorship on its users.

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  1. Ello:

Ello - Tumblr Alternative

If you are a designer or an artist and are searching for a fabulous alternative to Tumblr, Ello will be pretty helpful to you. As the platform is filled with talented designers and artists, you will be able to get opinions on your work. You will also be able to see a lot of different artistic ventures out there.

Many people collaborate with like-minded designers in Ello as well. It is one of the largest communities of artists after Tumblr in the world.

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The sites mentioned in the section above are quite popular among all the bloggers all around the world. Some of them even prefer the above mentioned tumblr alternatives over Tumblr maine website as these sites are user friendly.

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