10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Torrent Links Easily

We are already in april 2020 and still people are unable to find torrent sites to download torrent links of things they want to download. To help our users we have compiled a list of 10 best torrent sites which are 100% working and users can download torrent links from these websites easily.

Torrent websites have been in existence since the beginning of the internet in our lives. Now people get the opportunity to watch and download movies and tv shows whenever they want. Earlier, the only way was to watch the recent film in the theatre or else wait for the television channels to showcase them after a few months. But now things have changed a lot.

People are now well acquainted with web streaming websites like Netflix or Amazon Prime video. They get to see their favourite movies and web series on these sites quite easily.

But still, now a problem persists. All users using these online movie streaming websites have to pay a hefty sum of money to the said streaming websites to watch their desired movies or tv shows. This is the reason why even now torrent sites are quite popular among viewers.

Earlier the said sites were quite a rage. Almost everyone has downloaded movies at free of cost from free torrent sites. Even in today’s era, people use torrent websites to download their favourite movies, tv-series shows or even download any book. Still, now people use the sites to download popular songs. But with so many torrenting sites present online, it is quite challenging to choose the right one for downloading or streaming movies or shows. In this article by TechUntech, you will get to know about the top and best torrent sites in 2020 which most people are using all around the world.

10 Most Popular and Best Torrent Sites:

The sites provided in the following section of the blog are quite famous and useful for getting you high-quality movies and web series. If you read the features of each site, you will have no problem in choosing the right website for you.

  1. The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay - Best Torrent Site

The Pirate Bay, one of the most famous and best torrent site was founded quite a few years back when downloading and streaming movies were a new concept. There have been several instances when the site got banned, but after a few days, it came back into our lives with a new domain name. The surprising fact is that even after the founders of the site were put in jail, the website is still did not shut down. Although the design of the website is not that modern, it is one of the most reliable torrent site for downloading the latest movies and shows.

There is no shortage of content while searching on The Pirate Bay. You will be able to find movies or content from quite a few years as well while surfing through the site.

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  1. Nyaa:

Nyaa - Best Anime Torrent Site

If you are a huge fan of Anime videos, then Nyaa is one of the best torrent website for you. It is one of the best torrent sites 2020 that specializes in Anime. Anime is one of the most famous movie niche all over the world and in several countries of the world, people are quite excited by a new anime release. People have been crazy about the said animation movies since the ’80s, and the popularity has been growing since then. Nowadays, major web streaming websites like Hulu or Netflix has a category separated for Anime movies, but due to their high monthly fee, people turn towards different torrent websites.

Among all the different torrent anime sites, Nyaa is one of the most effective, as it has movies dating back to several years as well.

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  1. YTS:

YTS - Best Online Torrent Website

YTS has been successfully publishing blu-ray movies without any cost for the past several years. Even though this YTS site is not the original YTS or YIFY site, it is still quite efficient in supplying you with the latest movies. Not only is the site pretty easy to access, but you will be surprised to see the video quality of each of the films is quite impressive. You will not even realize that these movies are not legal, and they are pirated. The website is quite visually appealing, unlike the other torrent websites in the list.

Apart from providing easy download to all of its users, YTS also allows them to request for new movies in their feedback box. The site has categorized the videos into different genres. Hence, you will be able to search for your film quite easily.

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  1. Rarbg.to:

Rarbg.to - Online Torrent Site

Even though Rarbg.to might not have an appealing visual presentation, but the website is quite useful in providing the latest movies. Do not let the appearance of the size fool you. It offers users some of the healthiest torrents online and makes sure your PC does not get affected with malicious viruses. It is one of the best torrent sites in 2020 because it stores the latest and classic movies in a definite manner so that you will not have any problem searching for them.

Not only movies, but Rarbg is the perfect torrent site to download free music, online games and series as well. Moreover, you can check out the trailers of the movies before downloading them from this site only.

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  1. EZTV:

EZTV - Torrent Site

EZTV was previously known as Kickass torrent, and it was one of the most popular movies downloading sites in the world. But sadly, the website got shut down after the arrest of the owners. But now Kickass is back in the form of EZTV, and it is back with the famous tv shows and series. Even though you will not find the latest movies to download in the site, you will get to download or stream the top tv series over there quite easily. The presentation of the site is not that enticing, but it does its job pretty well.

Most of the videos found on this site are quite lightweight and do not require ample space on your device. You will be able to follow the new uploads by viewing their calendar quite easily.

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  1. Zooqle:

Zooqle - Best Torrent Website

Even though Zooqle is not as old as the other sites included in the list, it is one of the top torrenting websites in 2020. More and more people are relying on this website for their daily dosage or movies and tv series. As Zooqle is pretty easy to use, people who do not even have that much knowledge of computers get to access the website without any problem.

The best thing about the website is that it does not disturb its users by pop-up ads like the other torrent websites available online. Apart from movies, Zooqle is also accessible for downloading tv series, web shows and software games as well.

[su_button url=”https://zooqle.mrunlock.club/” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow” style=”3d” size=”8″ radius=”round”]Visit The Website[/su_button]


  1. 1337x.to:

1337x - Top and best torrent site

If you are looking for a website to download the latest movies and tv shows without any cost, then 1337x is the perfect option for you. The visual presentation of the site is stunning, and you will be able to access and explore the different contents available out there quite easily. As the home page of the site has categories of movies, music, apps, Anime and games; you will be able to choose the right content for you without any hesitation.

Apart from current releases, you will be able to explore the old movies and shows in this site as well.

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  1. Torrentz2.eu:

Torrentz2 - Download torrent online

When torrentz got shut down, torrentz2 arrived as a life-saver to all the entertainment seeking people in the world. It claims to be a clone of the widely popular torrent site and works pretty well till now. Torentz2 is one of the best platforms to do torrent download, and it has been quite popular among the users ever since. As the website is pretty straight-forward, you will have no problem in using the site and find the latest movies.

Apart from a search tab, the website also offers a list of its latest inclusion and also displays the number of people downloading them.

[su_button url=”https://torrentz.io/” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow” style=”3d” size=”8″ radius=”round”]Visit The Website[/su_button]


  1. Limetorrents:

Limetorrents - Online torrent website download

In case you are looking forward to seeing not only the latest movies but the latest world-wide popular web series, then Limetorrents will be perfect for you. Apart from movies, tv-series, the website also offers games, audiobooks and music as well to all the users in the world. It will allow you to know the most downloaded videos of the day or the week in their site. If you want, you can also upload torrent videos on the website.

You will be able to avoid fake torrents while using the site because it puts up star badges beside the original ones.

[su_button url=”https://www.limetorrents.info/browse-torrents/TV-shows/leechs/1/” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow” style=”3d” size=”8″ radius=”round”]Visit The Website[/su_button]


  1. SeedPeer:

SeedPeer - Torrent download site

SeedPeer is one of the oldest torrent download sites that are still in existence. Hence, it is pretty popular among movie-lovers. Earlier the site was not that well organized, and people had difficulty in downloading or searching for their desired movies. But now, the presentation of the site has changed drastically, and people get to find their videos quite easily. Everything is stored categorically according to the genres or according alphabetically.

You will also get to know a lot about the contents before downloading them through this website.

  1. Demonoid:

Demonoid - Best Torrent Sites

Demonoid is a famous BitTorrent Tracker website. It includes file sharing of many torrent files with the help of which you can upload or download any torrent file from Demonoid. Demonoid is also considered to be one of a good torrent sites from where user can get whatever they are looking for be it a movie or a book or a software.

Demonoid Tracks user behavior and displays user upload and download ration alongside.

There has been many domain name changes for demonoid in past due to privacy and piracy isssues. Because of this reason there are many demonoid alternatives which you can consider if looking for BitTorrent Tracker service.


If you have read the entire blog pretty carefully, then you will have no problem in finding the top and best torrent sites to download any type of torrent file. Also, You will have no problem in streaming or downloading the latest movies, series, games or music through the above given best torrent sites.

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