List of 11 Best PayPal Alternatives Which Freelancers Can Use in 2020

PayPal is one of the best payment gateways but it is not operational in every country or it may not be your first choice. Many people are not satisfied with PayPal and understanding the business man/woman in you, we bring you some of the best PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers in 2020.

So, don’t worry my friend. Need that money from your client and don’t want to use PayPal? Well I must say you’re in luck today and have stumbled upon your need of the hour: Best Alternatives of PayPal which freelancers can use.

11 Best PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers:

  1. Google Pay:

Paypal Alternative for freelancers - Google pay

Google Pay is one of the best PayPal alternatives for bloggers, and is available throughout the world.

It is also said that google pay is a good PayPal alternative in India, especially for those who work in the biggest marketplace of all, that is, the internet.

GPay, like many google services, is a free service, in the form of a wallet. It is available in India and can also be linked to your bank account.

Also, do you know that there is a way using which you can add paypal to google pay and can make transaction on paypal using google pay in just 1 click.

Read our guide on how to add paypal to google pay to know how to link these two payment gateways.

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  1. PayTM:

Paypal Alternative for freelancers - Paytm

PayTM is one of the most popular Indian payment gateways and also facilitates businesses.

It is very easy to set up and the user-friendly interface helps navigation of procedures related to transactions extremely convenient.

It also charges negligible fee on all of your transactions, which make it a cheap and convenient alternative to PayPal in India.

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  1. Stripe:

Paypal Alternative for freelancers - Stripe

One of the most popular PayPal alternatives for freelancers is Stripe. Stripe offers you to become a certified seller be affiliating with them.

You can either open a store or share a WPF form with your clients through stripe, seamlessly. Stripe is also extremely cheap, and charges 2-3% of your transaction amount.

Stripe has, now, also entered the South-Asian market, and is a good PayPal alternative to receive money in India. The only disadvantage is that Stripe is not available in a lot of countries.

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  1. 2Checkout:

Paypal Alternative for bloggers - 2Checkout

2Checkout is another one of the most known online payment options for bloggers and freelancers and is one of the best PayPal alternatives.

As in Stripe, you can also put your own online store and start doing business with clients from countries where Stripe or PayPal are unavailable.

2Checkoutalso offers various payment withdraw methods, and you can even link yourdebit cards, credit cards and bank accounts to accept payments.

Features of 2Checkout include:

  • recurring payments from your loyal clients
  • hosted 2Checkout experience
  • multiple currencies for ease of transaction
  • various languages support for ease of operation and communication

2Checkout charges depend upon the area you are located in.

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  1. TransferWise:

Paypal Alternative for bloggers - TransferWise

TransferWise is also one such alternative to PayPal specially for freelancers and bloggers. It supports various currencies, and hence allows your clients to pay you in your national currency.

One of the advantages is that it charges your clients for the payment, and then sends the money to you as a local transfer. As mentioned before, it is available in many countries and hence supports a lot of currencies.

TransferWise charges a fee that varies on the location of both sender and receiver.

TransferWise also uses the exchange rate that you see on Google, helping you save money while conversion to local currency. The only disadvantage of using TransferWise is that it doesn’t allow the payment to be made in certain countries.

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  1. QuickBooks:

Paypal Alternative for freelancers and bloggers - QuickBooks

A little different from all the options we have spoken about till now, QuickBooks is actually an accounting software for beginners, freelancers and professionals.

It facilitates easy sending of invoices to clients and acceptance of payments directly in the bank account, linked to your QuickBooks account.

Your clients can pay anytime by making payments through their various cards. In its crux, QuickBooks is an accounting software and hence you can link all your accounts to it, to keep a better track of your transactions.

QuickBooks is pretty cheap and also offers discounts after a certain amount of transactions.

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  1. Bitcoin:

Paypal Alternative for freelancers - Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the first and the most well-known cryptocurrencies in the world. It allows people to send and receive money across the globe, also eliminating all potential intermediaries.

If your client is already using Bitcoin, then they can transfer units easily to your Bitcoin wallet.

You can then access this wallet anytime and make either further payments or convert the contents of this wallet into your national currency, according to the prevailing Bitcoin exchange rate.

Bitcoin can also be traded through Coinbase, a bitcoin trading platform, which allows organisations to accept bitcoin payments. It is already being used by organisations like Expedia and Dell.

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  1. Payoneer:

Paypal Alternative for freelancers - Payoneer

Payoneer is another popular online payment service facilitator. It is available in many countries around the world.

Payoneer also makes it convenient for its users to withdraw payments from your local bank account. You can also use a special Payoneer branded debit card to withdraw payments from ATMs all around the world.

The disadvantage is that their fee is a little higher compared to Stripe or PayPal. Payoneer also has no service to integrate and support an e-commerce store, yet.

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  1. Zelle:

Paypal alternative for bloggers and freelancers - Zelle

Zelle is a renowned name in the e-transaction industry and a perfect PayPal alternative!

No fund-transfer fee and secure peer to peer network for sending and receiving funds, makes Zelle one of the key options in this list.

Within a time frame of a few minutes, your friendsand family member can receive the payment removing the need for a wire transfer or other modes.

Zelle is backed by banks like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, etc. who add to its trustworthiness.

When you enter the amount that you have to send, the recipient shall receive a notification, which includes all the details related to the procedure of payment and mode of payment.

Using your mobile number or email ID, you can start with the payment process. This makes the payment easy, secure and traceable, and also makes Zelle one of the best PayPal alternatives.

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  1. WePay:

Paypal alternative - Wepay

WePay is a card processing solution that facilitates and supports the online payment system. It is extremely easy to set up and also provides ease of convenience in order to secure & facilitate e-commerce transactions.

WePay also supports a huge range of payment systems in various countries and currencies, and also does not have a monthly charge.

The only downside is that WePay does not accept payment from PayPal which is why it is a great alternative to paypal.

(Ruling out competition? We can’t say anything)

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  1. Skrill:

Paypal alternative for freelancers - Skrill

Register on Skrill, make secure payments and withdraw moneywhile being on the go. Skrill supports more than 30 countries worldwide and you can link multiple cards and even bank accounts.

Skrill also has a business and personal account option, so you need not turn to other apps to manage another account signed in as the freelancer in you!

The payment gateway provided by Skrill is linked to various global brands like Facebook, eBay and Skype.

Hence Skrill is one of the best replacements of PayPal for freelancers, if and when need arises.

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Freelancing is the new rage. While the businesses around the world turn largely electronic, there is an arising need for secure payment methods, which have a global presence.

I hope this article by team TechUntech helped you find the answer to the question on PayPal alternatives for freelancers and bloggers which they can use in 2020.

Happy freelancing!

2 thoughts on “List of 11 Best PayPal Alternatives Which Freelancers Can Use in 2020

  1. I have been using Paypal from a long time. But right now I am planning to switch to a new one. What would be the best choice as Paypal alternative?

    1. Hi Deepak,
      Our best choice as paypal alternative is given in the article but still if you want to choose 1 among these then you can use google pay or payoneer.

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