11 Best Mac Cleaner Software To Clean and Boost Your Mac in 2020

Best Mac Cleaner Software To Clean and Boost Your Mac

As per a survey, around 9.6% to 13% of the world’s population is using Mac OS.

So, if you are one of them, you know how keeping a large number of files in your Mac OS can affect the productivity of your laptop or PC. Which is why there arises the need of having the Best Mac Cleaner Software in your Mac in order to keep it clean, optimize the speed of your system.

For this we have tried and tested 18 Mac Cleaning Software and Apps for you out of which we have listed down 11 Best Mac Cleaner Software to clean and boost your Mac in just 1 click.

Over the years, it has been found that people download a number of applications, files and other bulky software which they don’t even use a lot.

For those who have Mac OS, the above said statement fact is one of the biggest issue or say a problem you face while optimizing the processing of your Mac. If you do not clean up your MacBook or other Apple devices, then they will stop working or processing in a better manner.

But, There are several Free and Best Mac Cleaner Software and Apps available in online which helps in cleaning your system and optimizing it quite efficiently. Also, you might get confused by seeing so many different types of Mac Cleaner Software and this is why we are here to help you to download and install the best Mac cleaner software for your device.

Along with this if you want to checkout the list of best antivirus software for your Mac then you can have a look at Best Free Antivirus Software For Mac You Can Use.

11 Best Mac Cleaner Software and Apps:

The apps mentioned in the list below are quite popular among Mac users. We have mentioned all the essential features of the apps clearly in the list below.

  1. CleanMyMac:

CleanMyMac - Best Mac Cleaner Software

Not only CleanMyMac is a cleaning software, but it is a tool that is perfect for preventing malware as well. The “Smart Scan” feature of the application allows you to scan your device quite efficiently. You will be able to detect harmful malware, junk and cache files, errors in your system logs and other faults quite easily by using the software.

By implementing the application, you will be able to make your Mac OS device faster, and also you will be able to use it securely. The best thing about this software is that it deletes unimportant applications, files and leftovers quite expertly. You will not even have a pay a single penny to use this app.

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  1. Disk Doctor:

Disk Doctor - Best Paid Mac Cleaner App

Disk Doctor is the best mac cleaner software which is paid. According to the “Mac Gem” awards they got the title of best software in 2013. It is one of the most helpful tools to remove and reduce junks from the user’s system. Even though the software does not allow you to use it for free, but the amount of money to buy the tool is so nominal that you will not be bothered by the price.

The software successfully speeds up your Mac OS, and it is perfect for Apple devices.

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  1. MacBooster:

MacBooster - Free Mac Cleaner Software

The developing company of MacBooster is IObit, and it comes with a variety of exciting features. Not only is MacBooster a remover of the file, but it offers an additional option to free the spaces in your Mac devices. By using this fantastic tool, you will not have any problem in removing more than twenty files at the same time. This is the 8th version of the device, and it comes with Mac protection. That means you can use the software like an antivirus as well.

As MacBooster is not that cheap, you can try it out by using the free version of the software to make a correct decision.

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  1. Onyx:

Onyx - Best Mac Cleaner

Originally Onyx is a French cleaning software, but it is now widely used throughout the globe. As the size of this tool is only 5 MB, you will not even require considerable space on your OS to use the software. You can clean up your disk and remove caches simultaneously while using Onyx. The software also allows you to change your folder colours, or you can make them transparent. As Onyx has a gorgeous presentation, many people find this quite easy to use.

Onyx is a free mac cleaner. Thus, it is downloaded by several users daily. But remember, you will not be able to get any customer care support because the software does not have any.

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  1. DaisyDisk:

DaisyDisk - Best Paid Mac Cleaner

If you are not that technologically sound, but you want to clean up your Mac OS anyway, DaisyDisk is the perfect option for you. As the software is visually quite clear, you will be able to see what you are going to delete quite quickly. The software allows you to scan each drive of your device’s OS. After the scan, it will let you know what the junk files which are slowing down your system are. You will be able to delete those files quite swiftly after using the cleaning software.

You can use the trial version of the software without any cost and then buy the premium version after getting satisfied.

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  1. AppCleaner and Uninstaller:

AppCleaner and Uninstaller - Mac Cleaner

For those who only want to delete useless applications from their Mac devices, Appcleaner and Uninstaller are the best mac cleaner software for you. Apart from apps, this tool also removes unnecessary plugins, widgets and smaller apps quite easily. The user interface of the software is quite good and in case you are not familiar with Mac cleaning, it will be quite helpful to you. You think there are some apps which are left to be deleted, and you can check the leftover section of the software to cancel them as well.

The tool does not charge any money for its service, but you can voluntarily donate some money for making them better.

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  1. Smart Mac Care:

Smart Mac Care - Software For Mac

Visually there are no differences between a standard Mac cleaner tool and Smart Mac Care, but if you consider how much space it creates in your device, then you will see the difference. The software offers a wide variety of scans, including Privacy Scan, Junk Scan, Malware Scan and others. By performing each scan, you will be able to free up the RAM of your device quite effectively. The software also offers a memory optimizer feature that makes sure you get more space in your OS’s memory.

You can use the free demo version to make sure whether you want to use the software or not. If you like it, you can get the paid annual release of the tool by clicking on the link given below.


  1. Drive Genius:

Driver Genius - Best Driver Updater

Drive Genius is the best mac cleaner app available on the market that allow you to do an efficient diagnostic of your OS’s disks. You will not only be able to do scans for malware, but you will also be able to erase files securely. Moreover, this tool allows you to customize icons as well. You will be able to search for any data which you might find corrupted through this software. Many people use Drive genius with old Apple products quite easily.

If you get the professional edition of the software, you will be able to do hard drive scan of your Mac OS device quite easily.

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  1. CCleaner:

CCleaner - Mac Cleaner Software Best

Ccleaner offers both free as well as the professional version, and it is the best mac cleaner 2020 for those who deal with a lot of customers for their businesses. Not only is the tool great for Mac OS, but for Windows, Android and others as well. If you get the premium version of the software, you will able to get updates and 24×7 customer support.

The software not only removes unwanted files, but it also frees up space in your Mac device pretty efficiently.

Also, if you don’t want to use CCleaner then you can either try other software given in this list or can check these Best CCleaner Alternatives.

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  1. Sensei:

Sensei - Free Mac Cleaner Software

Even though Sensei is a new free mac cleaner 2020 in the market, but it is quickly becoming to be one of the most popular ones as well. The software can control the performance of your device quite swiftly. You will be able to get a detailed view of your Mac OS. The tool allows you to see the temperature of your CPU as well as how much RAM has been used. As the software offers to delete larger files and caches, your OS will be way faster than before.

You can use the free version of the software to make an annual subscription to the tool.

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  1. Parallels Toolbox:

Parallels Toolbox - Best Mac Cleaner Software

Parallels Toolbox is such a cleaning software for Mac OS that not only cleans your OS, but also cleans drives and uninstalls junk apps in your device. You will also be able to find duplicate files and images by installing the tool. By detecting the junk files and images, you will be able to delete them and free up your device’s memory quite easily. The software helps your OS in achieving its optimum speed quite easily.

You can remove the useless apps in your device all at once by using the software. Parallel Toolbox helps in increasing the speed of your device quite efficiently.

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All the software given in the list above are regarded as the Best Mac Cleaner Software in 2020 using which you can clean junk files, free-up unused space, boost up the speed of your mac easily.

The list has been prepared after evaluating proper user reviews on each of the given mac cleaner software and app. These software and apps are the best one which you can use without even thinking twice.

Hope this article proved to be beneficial for you and gave you the result for which you were searching.

Do drop your comments in our comment section below.

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  1. I am a Mac user and used Smart Mac Care past from one year and used paid version . It gives me best solution and also give advanced feature also , must recommended from this list.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for goinf through our 11 best Mac cleaner Software article and letting us know about this mac cleaner.
      We have reviewed all mac products of Systweak but still we will give this product a view again and see if this fits in our list or not.

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