11 Best Google Trips Alternatives To Use in 2020

Google Trips was a trip-planning mobile app developed by Google for both Android and iOS operating systems. The app was launched on September 19, 2016, but soon was shut down on August 5th, 2019. This leads to the demand of many alternatives to google trips.

Google Trips also known as Google Travel had features like planning upcoming trips with summarized information in several categories such as day plans, reservations, and things to do. Moreover, it facilitated locating flights, hotels, car and restaurant reservations in 200 major cities.


Users using Google Trips app stopped receiving any updates or support, hence the app will no longer work as per the expectation if anyone is still using it. However, many google trips alternatives made their way to give similar and somewhat better features to users.

So, we planned to give some of the best apps which are similar to Google Trips in order to make your trips easy and memorable.

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List of Top 11 Google Trips Alternatives 2020

When Google Trips app or Google Travel was on the verge of getting closed, many went disheartened. If you too were, this is no time to lose hope because these are some of the best Google Trips replacement apps that could actually help you plan and organize your trip easily.

  1. TripIt:

TripIt - Best Google Trips Alternative

With hundreds and millions of people relying on TripIt as a single place to store all the travel details, this google trip alternative app has become one of the best ones to rely upon. Unlike other travel apps, TripIt lets you organize your plans no matter in whichever part of the world you are.

Packed with features, one of the brilliant features that give you a leg up is the ‘Reminder’. With the help of alters, you never miss a beat moreover, it makes your trip a lot easier. It guides you throughout the trip from where & when to be to what to eat and where to sleep.

Thus, trying the travel app that keeps up with you is worth giving a shot.

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  1. Guides by Lonely Planet:

Google Trips Alternative - Guides by Lonely Planet

One of the most trusted travel planner apps available on the App Store as well as Google Play Lonely Planet comes 2nd on our list of alternatives to Google Trips. This app lets you do more than just discover your destination.

Supported by more than 8,000+ cities, this app helps you navigate with the help of easy to use offline maps. Save your favorite places with a simple bookmarking and find perfect activity with powerful filtering.

Lonely Planet is a beautiful, simple yet a very intuitive way to share travel experiences. Packed with curated tips and guides from on-the-ground experts, the app not just reaches the heart of a destination but, also is an ultimate resource before and during the trip.

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  1. Tripoto:

Alternative to Google Trips - Tripoto

Tripoto is another best and favorable Google trips app alternatives to make exclusive tours & holidays. With this app, you can discover complete travel itineraries of friends, global travelers, and celebrities with the help of travel photos, maps reviews, and recommendations.

What else, you can build your own brand, share your travel experiences create visually stunning travel itineraries and reach out to thousands of travelers directly. Connect with like-minded travelers and add their trips to your wish list in order to plan your perfect vacation.

Above all, Tripoto lets you share your traveling experience and let you become a guide and earn some money.

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  1. Tripify:

Tripify - Best Google Travel Alternative

A perfect way to customize holidays within your budget. Because Tripify understands and values their every customer’s wish, thus they let them choose the kind of trip they would like to go for and tripify will customize it for them.

The best thing about tripify is that you don’t need to spend a lot. All you need is to tell them our budget and they will set the best trip within it.

Tripify works directly with the locals of the country, so you can rest assured of every need. To add to the adventure in the trip, Tripify adds few surprises (may not be touristy) that mesmerize the customer. Thus, they always state to tripify holidays is to have a unique travel experience.

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  1. Roadtrippers:

Google Trips Alternative - Roadtrippers

Boast to successfully plan more than 25 million trips covering more than 7.8 billion miles, Roadtrippers are amazing alternatives to Google Trips.

Roadtrippers are unique because they comprehend your desire to travel to a particular destination and to make it special, they find the best ever stops that will turn your journey into a mesmerizing & unforgettable one.

Just enter where you are starting to where you are finishing your road trip, this trip planner app will lead you to some unbeatable path places along the way. With the help of their database inclusive of the world’s most fascinating places, Roadtrippers make the plans unexpectedly easier than ever thought.

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  1. TripHobo:

TripHobo - Best Google Trips Alternative

Triphobo is just a similar app to Google trips, it lets you build, organize, optimize and share your vacation plans. This application is absolutely free to use like all others and allows personalize a stress-free holiday planning, which you can easily customize and enjoy simultaneously.

Triphobo is an innovative trip planning platform that enables its users to plan trips over 90000 cities across the world. A one-stop destination for all the travel needs, exploring attractions, creating itineraries and booking hotels, transportation, and tours.

A simple yet effective thought for a care-free journey, Triphobo has adopted the concept of ‘Shut Up N’ travel as their official travel thought, thereby taking the traveler one step closer to a complete trip planning experience.

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  1. Wander:

Google Trips Alternative app - Wander

Find the places you are wanting to discover by just entering your flight and hotel budget. Wander is a travel search engine that allows you to find the perfect travel destination that fits your preferences.

This similar to google trips app scan through millions of flights, hotels, guesthouses, flats, and what-not, all while using sophisticated statistics that will provide you with amazing travel suggestions.

They are connected with booking.com and Skyscanner to help them fetch flights and hotel information that fits the preference of every customer. This app provides you the list of places that matches perfectly with your budget inclusive of hotels (with different classes). Thus, you set your budget and check out of the list which place would you like to go to this time!

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  1. TripCase:

TripCase - Google Trips Alternative App

A very simple yet faster way to keep track of flight times, hotel addresses, client meetings, transportation from the airport and more. Tripcase gives its travelers a one-stop solution to manage even a single detail of their trip.

This Google trip alternative 2020 also notifies you on any changes in the flight schedules in your mobile as well as wearables. TripCase is free to use the trip planner that gives you up-to-date itinerary details, valuable tools, and exclusive travel information before and during each trip.

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  1. Journy:

Journy - Best Google Trips Alternative

Journy app plans your trip perfectly as you want. The trip planner app isn’t free to use – there are three premium versions, Journy Lite, Journey full, and Journy Luxe.

This travel app constructs a highly detailed itinerary for you that includes the best restaurants, sights, and events for your trip.

Journy specializes in occasion planning such as honeymoons, bachelor or bachelorette trips, traveling with kids, solo travel, extended family trips, traveling for food, as well as traveling with dietary restriction, all just within an app.

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  1. Sygic Travel Planner:

Best Google Trips Alternative Website - Sygic Travel Planner

Boast to be the first in the world to display the best attractions, hotels, restaurants or shops, car rentals, what not directly on the map, Sygic Travel Planner is the best google trip app alternative.  A personalized travel map displays places along with the hidden gems sourced from travel editors and fellow travelers.

This trip planner map app lets you create your day-to-day trip plan directly in the app. You can easily download the offline maps and guides for your destination from play stores for both Android and Ios operating devices.

So, if you are just looking for an efficient alternative to Google trip planner that works both online and offline, then this is just right for you.

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  1. Kayak:

Kayak - Best Google Trips Alternatives

Find hotel deals the easiest way with the help of Kayak, your ultimate travel planner. All you need is to create an account with kayak to have access to the exclusive private deals. When you add your destination and dates, the app compares over a 1,000,000 hotels worldwide to give you the best result that fits your budget.

This travel app helps you find the perfect hotel, right flights, and even manage your itinerary or track your flight status with just a single click. The app allows you to explore routes to unlock a world of travel possibilities.

Some added advantage of installing Kayak in your device is that it offers endless choices with some extra tips about the affordable bookings.

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To Conclude:

So, which google trip planner alternative are you planning to download or your next trip? Are you looking for private deals or looking for some adventurous trips? Do you want the trip to be mysterious and full of surprises or want to check some interesting stops in between your road trips?

Tell us which alternative to google trip planner you like the most from the list.

We hope this article by team TechUntech has provided you all the information you needed on Google Trips Alternatives.

Do drop your views in our comment section.

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