23 Best Google Play Store Alternatives To Install Apps and Software

Best Google Play Store Alternatives To Install Apps and Software

When you find out about a new application and want to download it on your mobile device, without a second thought in mind, you simply look for Google Play Store. An only platform that feels safe and secure for downloading whatever you need. But, Play store on android devices isn’t the only option to get your favorites installed on your handheld devices. You can have other exclusive Google Play Store Alternatives for the same.

Today’s smartphones come with a similar application to Google Play Store that offers a multitude of applications to download. These apps will offer recommendations based on your past downloads, pop-up reminders for the latest update of the app that you have downloaded, and more.

Not just this, there are several factors that lead to the development of google play store alternatives, just in case you would like to try something better.

23 Best Alternatives To Google App Store:

  1. Amazon App Store:

Amazon App Store

One of the biggest Google Play store’s competitor. With a huge collection of books, movies, and songs which you can enjoy anytime. To access all of them you need to download the Amazon app Store.

Another benefit to using this app store alternative is that it offers quite low prices than the Google play. The perks of regular access to Amazon app store is you get a free paid app everyday.

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  1. GetJar:

GetJar - Play Store Alternative

A place where you can download and install any app pretty fast. GetJar is a secure platform for the users to download android apps and games.

GetJar is the oldest and the most promising alternative to Google store if you are looking for one. Install anything for free from this great platform.

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  1. Mobogenie:

Mobogenie - Google Play Store Alternatives

Choose applications from different categories available from this perfect alternative to Play store. Mobogenie is the apt name as it has a wide collection of apps, games and more that you might not find elsewhere.

There is no such app that you would not find here. Downloading quick and easy, your choice of piece of apps, absolutely free.

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  1. Huawei AppGallery:

Huawei AppGallery

Huawei has emerged as one of the gigantic and successful tech platforms to offer brilliant mobile devices. Its AppGallery is its dedicated app store open for everybody. The AppGallery contains more than 1.3 million android popular apps and games.

AppGallery also boasts to have around 400 million users to prefer this app store over Google one. If you are actually looking for a competitive app store, this is sure to pick one.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy App Store:

Samsung Galaxy App Store

An exclusive app store alternative of 2020 which could actually not be missed. Samsung Galaxy app store has recently partnered with many publishers to add infinite apps, which will also lead to its popularity.

Like others, this app store contains tons of apps of all categories for you to download. The interface of the Galaxy App store is quite captivating which has turned millions of users into loyal ones, at least the Samsung users.

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  1. Aptoide:

Aptoide - Best Play Store Alternative

Considered as the best google play store alternative app 2020, Aptoide has a creative user interface that flows well with Google standards. This open source android app has a big collection of all categories apps to install on your device.

Aptoide has exquisite and free apps to download and install. This platform is absolutely safe and secure and has been used by millions of users.

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  1. APKMirror:


Another alternative play store also prefered as one of the top and a competitive option to pick by millions of users, APKMirror is a free and secure platform to use.

You get all categories of application ranging from malwares to games, all with the safe download. Search from the list of popular apps or simply search the title from the search bar. All the Android APKs, for the prefered app, you get for free.

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  1. SlideMe:


Unlike other Google Play store apps, SlideMe is less flashy, it’s rather simple. This alternative offers both free as well as premium apps to download from a large library of applications to download.

The apps available in this alternative only fit in after a thorough screening for quality and security check. So, what you download absolutely from SlideMe is safe and secure. Moreover, the app store offers a convenient marketplace based on the geographic location and selected payment mode.

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  1. F-Droid:

F-Droid - Google Play Store Alternative

With a bundle of free applications, you can choose and download from different categories. Not just users, but F-Droid is also popular among developers as they can make changes in the app then and there.

You can find apps from basic functionality to advanced task organisers. The platform is a non-profit volunteer organisation which allows anonymous joining and help out by contributing funds.

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  1. Uptodown:

Uptodown - Alternative To Google Play Store

A great app store that uses a third party for free reports. If you are looking for a localised content, this app is just right for you.

This app store is one of the best alternatives to Google Play that covers more than 12 languages, which makes it even more preferred for those looking for applications in their language.

The app also offers blogs & tutorials related to the world of apps as well as official applications for android.

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  1. APKUpdater:


Another application that lets you customise the apps. This app is similar to Uptodown but has some other advanced features that you would make you fall in love with.

You will find different categories to help you search the relevant app. You will not have to scroll the entire list of app.APKUpdater will also recommend the number of applications that need to be updated.

This play store alternative gives you the access to the APK for the respective app that you want to get updated directly from its website.

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  1. App Brain:

App Brain - Alternative to play store

This app store alternative is another best one to look for. If you are also looking for paid apps to download for free, this app store could be taken into consideration.

Along with a vast collection of books, the app store contains a multitude of music, and movies where most of them are free and others at very minimum cost to download.

The Appbrain app store holds a mini surprise for its regular customers through its feature “free app of the day” where you get a premium app for free to install.

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  1. APK Pure:

APK Pure

Download some of the most renowned and preferred apps from this exclusive app store. APKpure gives you the leverage to search, download and install any kind of app you want in your phone.

The search bar offers you quick search instead of rolling the entire collection of apps to find what you need. You will also like the interface of this app store. With a very interactive UI, you can consider this app store as an alternative to google play store.

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  1. Humble Bundle:

Humble Bundle

With a simple and conventional design, this app store continues to shine and deliver best ever apps to download.

However, the design may not be as expected but, the library of the app store is updated. so, you will not have to look elsewhere for your favourite app. DRM free downloads leaves you free from paying what you download which Humble Bundle.

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  1. MI App Store:

MI App Store

When you look at MI phone’s app store – Get Apps the interface is very close to Google play Store. With different categories for you, the search becomes way more easy.

The colourful and captivating icons of different apps captivates the user to download those free applications. The MI app Store- Get Apps, also alerts for the regular updates of the past download applications in your phone.

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  1. GetApk Market:

GetApk Market

With thousands and hundreds of apk for different kinds of applications to either install or update the app, GetApk Market is one of the biggest platforms to download and update your previous apps.

GetApk is also among one of the best alternative play stores not just for anonymous users but, for the developers as well. The platform is absolutely safe to download free and unlimited apk files for apps.

Moreover, you will also love the interface inclusive of the vast library of everything you are looking for.

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  1. QooApp:


Another great app store to look into, QooApp has a great interface with a vast library consisting of numerous applications of all kinds. Download and install games, books, daily organiser apps, music apps and many more in your Android device.

The app is compatible with all kinds of devices including Blackberry, Symbian, and windows. This feature makes it a prefered choice among all kinds of device users.

Through categories, you can simply search for the kind of application you are looking for instead of manually searching.

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  1. Yalp Store:

Yalp Store

Another app store alternative that provides APK files forĀ  Android Sergey Yeriomin. When you search for any application in the app store for its update, the app store saves your downloaded APKs to your default downloaded folders.

With a decent interface, Yalp store is worth a try. Thus, you can download the app store for free on your mobile device.

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  1. Opera Mobile Store:

Opera Mobile Store - Play Store Alternative

The developers of opera mini developed an Opera Mobile Store after the success of its browser. With a simple interface, the functions and categories in this app store is structured in a way to easily navigate the user through his needs.

With a huge collection of all categories of apps, Opera App Store gives you both paid and free pieces of apps to download.

Similar to Yalp Store, this app store also downloads the Apk file and also allows sharing of the same.

Like AppBrain, Opera Store also rolls out an application for the day which is absolutely free to download.

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  1. AC Market:

AC Market - Best Google Play Store Alternative

A free and easy to use play store which also navigates its user easily when searching for an app, AC Market is just like Google Play store. This play store alternative lets you easily install any premium or free application that you need.

No matter how vast the app store library is, you will always be able to search what you are looking for in minutes. With an interactive interface and regular updates, this app store has made thousands and millions of users.

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  1. 1Mobile Market:

1Mobile Market

This mobile app store has certainly turned into a well-known alternative to Google Play Store. The development of this app store was meant to test any new application before its launch.

Developers would design and make the app functional for the user free of cost to check the response of their new development.

With positive feedback and regular flow of new apps, based on the recommendations, this platform became famous and turned out to be a successful app store.

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  1. Mobile9:

Mobile9 - Alternative To Play Store

Mobile9 is different from other play store alternatives. This app is more of a social media site that allows and encourages its user to post feedback on the app downloaded and used lately.

This platform has been created for the betterment of the developers. The developers who are working over the app would get suggestions from users so that the app could be improved more with time.

This is a brilliant way to understand the needs of the customer and to make the app efficient enough for the use of the maximum.

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  1. Mobango:


One of the most lightweight app stores, Mobango is one of the reasons why people prefer this alternative to Google Play Store. This app store is a great platform for both developers and users, where the developers upload the application and receive feedback from the users about the performance of the app.

The app store is a free and secure platform to use thus, you shall find apps developed by thousands of developers mentioned. Another brilliant feature is that no developer has to pay any percentage of sales, which means developers can add their developed app and take full benefit of its success.

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To Conclude:

As Google Play Store is already a known and preferred place to look and download the app of any kind, many new competitors have jumped into the market to compete.

However, today’s mobile devices claim to have pre-built their own app store along with Google App Store to comprehend the user’s feedback and usage.

Apparently, the list of Google Play alternatives is endless, from which we extracted the best and the renowned ones.

Let us know would you prefer continuing to use the Google play store or tried and liked a new app store to download and enjoy apps of your choice?

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