15 Best Free Live Sports Streaming Sites 2020 To Watch Match Online

Best Free Live Sports Streaming Sites To Watch Matches

Watching your favourite sports match online is something which every sports enthusiast desires for. You being a sports enthusiast will always look for ways to watch your favourite sport live but, there are times when you might not be able to watch. This is where live sports streaming sites comes to your rescue.

These dedicated live sports streaming sites includes sports commentary, live match video, live scoreboard, and other details related to the match.

Here, we have a list of some of the most reliable and best sites that lets you stream sport matches online whenever you want to. Some sites may ask for subscription while others may not ask for any charges for HD streaming of sports matches online. Some of these live sports streaming sites offer a wide range of TV shows and movies streaming in addition to live sports streaming due to their vast audience network.

So, let’s get started quickly with some of the most promising and best sports streaming sites.

List Of 15 Best and Free Live Sports Streaming Sites:

  1. Stream2Watch:

Stream2Watch - Best Sports Streaming Site

With around 9 million traffic Stream2Watch was effective 3 years ago. This site allows you to watch live sports and TV events online. However, there are two domains that let you watch sports content which is Stream2watch.ru and Stream2watch.ws. The site has a dark interface, easy to use during night and dim light.

You can browse your favourite content from the search bar and directly have on-demand access to the live sports stream. Moreover, the site let you have access to the Live TV News channels like CNN, ABC News, Fox News, CBS News, and BBC News that are working to keep you updated with the most recent happenings across the globe.

This sports streaming site is absolutely free to enjoy its services from any device anytime and anyplace without any hidden cost.

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  1. FromHot:


FromHot or FromHot’s is one of the best sports streaming websites in 2020. A simple and elegant User Interface that leads the sports fanatic to easily reach their search result. With some of the most viewed and liked sports categories makes search even more easily.

Apart from Live Television, FromHot offers to check the highlights of the match that you just watched or missed watching it.

You may also find some mouth-watering, delicious meals that you can try to cook. You can look for your favourite sport from numerous categories of sports mentioned on the website. The site also boasts to guarantee uninterrupted live sports content from even your mobile devices.

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  1. ESPN:

ESPN - Live Sports Streaming Site

The domain with the name of ESPN cricket info contains a library of sports content for its user to stream at any point of time. However, the interface is simple but offers a variety of categories for you to watch apart from just sports streaming live.

You can check live scores of the current or running match, check out the number of series of any tournament, and know the members of the team. Apart from live streaming, you can look upon the written content too. Check for monthly basis interesting and factual content related to cricket, videos bot in Hindi as well as English language, Interviews with the famous team members, awards, news and analysis & many more.

Above all you can keep track of their previous as well as current performances through written records, players, grounds, and some of the superstar stories.

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  1. VIPLeague:

VIPLeague - best site to stream sports online

Sports enthusiasts, VIPLeague consists of some of the biggest selection of online sports. Be it any sports, you and your friends with different sports choices can enjoy under one roof. The best part about the site is that you will always get new and updated content, so you don’t look elsewhere.

The site asks for no fees or subscription for letting you watch quality sports streaming. As the name suggests, you get more of the football live streaming on VIP League which can be operated and watched from any corner of the earth.

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  1. Laola1:


This sports streaming site has one of the most captivating interfaces that lets you watch all Badminton action LIVE, exciting Irish Football, PDC European Darts, top volleyball including CEV Mens and Women’s champions league, and many more.

Apart from endless exclusive video content, Laola1 has also been designed for a comprehensive media platform solution. So, with extensive Live sports coverage you can have a look at the sensational interviews of the top players of each sport.

Laola provides its sports fans as well as content partners with detailed information on any platform you want to access with.

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  1. Reddit:

Reddit - Live Sports Streaming

One of the best sports streaming sites reddit is a one stop solution for all kinds of information. Not just sports, the site offers trending news of the recent happenings across the globe.

As they say, Reddit is an authentic platform and a home for thousands of communities that can build connections and have endless conversations. Reddit works on people’s posts, votes, and comments organised around their interest. Boast to become one of a growing family of millions of people across the world sharing and watching live video streaming of all kinds of genre. You can become its member and get notified of the most recent sports and its relatable information.

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  1. Streamwoop:

Streamwoop - Free Sports Streaming Site

Streamwoop is another free sports streaming website that allows you to watch live sports with the upcoming matches on its home page. However, the interface isn’t as captivating as that of other sports streaming sites but its simplicity let’s easily navigate the kind of content you are looking for.

With a search bar on the top, you can search for your favourite sports content quickly. The best part about this site is that you can stream your fav videos again and again on repeat mode. Check out the most trending competitions, today’s event, and many more.

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  1. Sony Liv Sports:

Sony Liv Sports

A pioneer in the OTT space with live sports streaming to ensure that each viewer gets the best of entertainment. Definitely, Sony Liv lets everyone view live channels or sports of all kinds. The brand holds other plethora of platforms from where you can enjoy infinite entertaining content of your choice – like SET, Set Max, SAB TV, Sony Six, Sony Pix, AXN, Sony ESPN, Sony Mix, Sony Marathi, and Sony BBC Earth.

You can watch your fav football tournaments, popular cricket tournaments, and other sports tournaments happening or in past years/months. To watch premium content type you will have to buy a subscription plan which you can pick from different plans.

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  1. Bosscast:

Bosscast - Sports Streaming Site Live

Another free sports streaming site with its simple interface, Bosscast uses simple 2D icons to display the sports categories. The site displays the latest matches of the current date. For viewing the site provides a link below the scheduled match. If the match of a selected sport is not scheduled, it will not display any match.

The best part about this website is that it is completely transparent with its viewers. With limited categories, it is only dedicated to post the latest matches. No extra stuff to distract its viewers from what he came looking for.

  1. StreamSports:

StreamSports - Live Streaming of Sports

Streamsports is a brilliant platform for sports fanatics to watch all kinds of sports live. Streaming was never easy before these streaming sites. This site helps you watch your fav sport anytime and anytime with the use of just any internet connection. It’s a free live streaming platform that not just lets you see the upcoming matches but the insight stories of the match.

It also updates you the time of the match with its preview. Not just videos, you can check out written content to know about the video. With continuous updates, you can rely on this platform all the time.

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  1. SportLemons:

SportLemons - Best Sports Streaming Site

A simple but full of latest information related to sports, Sport Lemon.tv is a platform that you can rely upon. Its attractive part is its ever running digital watch that builds enthusiasm within the sports fanatic of the upcoming match.

Its categories are mentioned on the top of the website through which you can check the scheduled matches or tournaments or leagues. So, you can browse through football, hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, boxing, and motor sport.

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  1. Live Soccer TV:

Live Soccer TV - Stream Sports Online

One of the best sports streaming sites that provides all the information on its home page. Another factor that makes the site different is the weekly information about the tournaments, league, or more.  The site offers a search bar where you can search for your fav sport directly.

Its tab – ‘channel’ lets you link to the official website with some information about the channel. Its ‘pub’ gives you the information about the regional USA and Canada. The site covers almost all kinds of sports like football, cricket, rugby, and many others. The site provides you the calendar to check the tournament of a particular date or month.

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  1. Cricfree:

Cricfree - Free Sports Streaming Site

The platform has three domains through which you can connect – cricfree.stream, cricfree.pw, and cricfree.org. This free live sports streaming site offers a wide variety of sports played on earth. For every sport it also offers multilingual tournament streaming.

With a simple search bar, you can look for teams or events of your favourite sport. The site uploads tournaments every day or even checks for the scheduled matches available on different platforms or websites. Also, you can check out the latest news about regional sport. But, to watch any sports video you need to become a member of Cricfree site.

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  1. Hotstar:


A renowned and premium sports streaming site, hotstar provides videos of the popular sports. You also have information about the best of badminton, IPLs, premier league, cricket, football, martial arts, tennis, hockey, and table tennis.

You can also check out some of the most popular athletics performance videos as well as Ranji trophy. You can also check popular eSports and relatable sensational news of premier league and IPLs and other sports. The site offers a seamless video playback, smart search option for quick and easy search, friendly, interactive and captivating user interface, and evergreen/sensational/latest as well as original content catalogue. The site can be used on mobile by downloading its app from stores of the respective mobile devices. Apart from sport streaming, the site/app offers a high-quality video experience to its user for other genres like movies, TV shows, news, and many others.

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  1. Mamahd:

Mamahd - Sports Streaming online site

Another free sport streaming site that lets you watch live matches of different sports. Unlike Hotstar, Mamahd has limited written content about the tournaments, leagues, and matches. It does show the current date and day with the list of matches on the current day. The site offers live football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, baseball, NFL, fighting and other sports streaming. Also, a tab of ‘Live Now’ lets you watch the ongoing match.

One of the cons of this website is redirection when you click on any category. Other than that, the site works on providing live and updated matches or the matches that are scheduled. You can access the site on android or iOS for high-quality live sports online.

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A busy schedule definitely asks you to avoid watching your favourite sport live. So what, there are a multitude of paid as well as free sports streaming sites and applications that can let you watch your favourite sport or athlete playing the sport anywhere. A single platform that constitutes of all kinds of sports category to select from and get the detailed information, interviews and controversies or scheduled matches. Tell us which live sports streaming site you prefer the most?

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