Top 10 Best and Free Instagram Marketing Tools 2020

Instagram marketing has become one of the crucial tools for ramifying any business quickly. But why choose Instagram as best marketing tool when we have other social media platforms like Snapchat, TikTok making headway? Instagram boats to have 1 billion monthly active users, and brands have sensed the opportunity and potential instagram offers.

What has made Instagram so famous among the people?

People find it easy to operate Instagram than others.Stats says that 80% of the Instagram followers follow the business they love and around 200 million instagrammers visit favoured business profile everyday.

Also there are many instagram influencers with millions of followers who can promote your business or product easily on instagram and this is also known as instagram influencer marketing.

When it comes to delivering content, visuals are the best and the most effective methods of all and Instagram steals the show is presenting authentic stories. Instagram marketing wins hearts by allowing the brand to promote compelling stories in their conversation to resonate well with their audience.

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Instagram Marketing Tools and Software List

There is no greater competition like other major social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook due to which you get a greater scope to succeed.

Any business in the struggle to scale would reach out to represent their brand uses the best instagram marketing tools.

This technique has increased the number of daily active users on Instagram, which is 300 million daily active users. And if you imagine just 1 % of the monthly active users following you, what would be your brand visibility?

When marketing on Instagram, features like geo-location tagging, hashtags, and text gives brands a competitive start. So, if you are ready to compete with others and win the race, check these best free instagram marketing tools.

10 Best Free Instagram Marketing Tools:

  1. Iconosquare:

Iconosquare Instagram Marketing Tool

One of the most powerful analytics, management & scheduling free Instagram marketing tool for brands and agencies. What it delivers is –

  • With the help of its advanced analytics, you can make insightful and data-driven decisions.
  • Easily take care of your different social presence from a single place.
  • Enables you to schedule your post for the best time so that the content reaches the right people.
  • It allows you to closely look at your competitors in order to understand where you lack.
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  1. Sprout social:

Sprout social Free Instagram Marketing Tool and Software

Another best Instagram management and marketing tool in the list, that teaches you to work smartly and gain powerful insights to get real Instagram followers. What this allows is –

  • Saves your time and optimize your planning with creative tools, intuitive workflow, and powerful scheduling features.
  • It allows boosting customer relationships by sourcing user-generated content to respond to their comments and more.
  • Easily track user engagement across multiple accounts. Moreover, analyze post and relatable data, hashtag usage, and performance.
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  1. Yotpo:

Yotpo Marketing Tool for Instagram

This tool for Instagram amazingly combines customer photos, videos, and reviews with customizable display options. What features do these platforms offer is –

  • Manage and showcase photos and videos in beautiful galleries to enrich your shoppers’ experience.
  • Enhance opportunities to get engaged with the customers by tapping into their photos.
  • Enables you to add video content to build trust and bridge the online-offline gap.
  • With the combination of beautiful galleries, customer reviews, and photos along with video content, Yotpo gives you the power to enhance the buyer’s journey from discovery to checkout.
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  1. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite Instagram Marketing Followers Tool

The most reliable and known social media management platforms of all. This tool is for building free Instagram followers and gives you results that you can measure. What you can do with this tool is –

  • It allows you to stay available 24X7 automatically and schedules your post to maintain visibility throughout.
  • It gives you ease to manage your social content by storing your fav pre-approved content to cloud file service.
  • Not just content, this Hootsuite tracks your performance, shares meaningful insights and allows easy-to-create reports.
  • Know what people think and converse about your brand, industry & competitor by finding and filtering social conversations.
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  1. SocialInsight.IO:

Instagram Marketing Tool SocialInsight.IO

Enhance follower’s growth, interaction and monitor engagement through this ultimate Instagram marketing platform. This tool offers –

  • It gives you the leverage to schedule posts and provides approval immediately without waiting for it. It organizes your post and gives you a timeline or calendar view of all.
  • With zero configuration, you get the apt metrics about Instagram followers, growth, likes, change, time to post, comments & many more.
  • This tool easily identifies your followers, biggest brand advocates and influencers through Bio or keywords.
  • Most importantly, SocialInsight permits you to add the whole team to your dashboard without the stress to share your login Id.
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  1. Keyhole:

Keyhole Instagram Best marketing Tool and Software

This social analytical platform uses advanced hashtags, media monitoring, and social media analytics to comprehend full volume and amplify your message. Keyhole gives you a list of services that you want – like campaign monitoring, even monitoring, market research and more.

  • They boast to be the world’s best hashtag tracker and hashtag analytical tool.
  • They produce real-time data so that you always receive accurate data that is ready to go.
  • Gives you a PDF or CSV format of reports to have every detail of your and competitor’s performance.
  • It gives you the insight of each and every influencer’s impact on your campaigns that you run.
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  1. Minter.iO: Instagram Marketing Best Tool

This tool is a bucket full of features. You get to know about your performance, insights, and the brand’s outlook with Minter.iO. What insights does this tool have to offer is-

  • It gives you the demographics of the newcomers during specific dates which is quite clear and easy.
  • With benchmarks, you can measure the growth of your brand, compare your follower’s growth, posts, engagement rate, reach rate, likes, comments, and stories.
  • It supports all the platforms and develops aesthetic reports of the brand’s performance in CSV, PPTX, PDF, XLS format which saves a lot of time and streamlines your reporting process.
  • Minters keep track and place all your brand’s mentions in one place and allow you to directly respond through it.
  • This tool supports team management. Minter’s allows you to grant access to the information that you need to share with your clients and team members.
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  1. Buffer:

Buffer Instagram Free Marketing Tool

One of the most handy and popular and best instagram marketing tools that can help you and your brand shine on Instagram. What it helps you do is –

  • It gives you the leverage to schedule your posts and amplify your audience reach.
  • With this free marketing tool, you can set reminders to your post videos and images.
  • It’s intuitive dashboard allows easy management of accounts and improve performance.
  • It also helps you track engagement and interactions with ease.
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  1. Grum:

Grum instagram best free marketing software

A simple scheduler tool for Instagram markerters to help boost their business. This scheduler tool helps you –

  • Allows you to schedule posts including both photos and videos and allows you to tag users. .
  • With easy-to-use interface, you can simply manage a multitude of accounts.
  • This instagram scheduler tool for marketing your business makes it easy for marketers to post videos and pictures directly from the desktop.
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  1. Awario:

Awario Instagram Marketing Tool Best and Free

Another instagram monitoring tool which stays in the buzz and finds mentions of your brand. What’s more this super amazing free instagram marketing tool is –

  • This marketing tool allows you to find your brand’s mentions across the web, news/blogs, and other social platforms.
  • This tool tells you who your brand advocates and who the industry influencers.
  • It helps deliver the sentiment of your brand, be it positive or neutral and connect taking care of the language and location of your audience.
  • Moreover, this tool analyses the growth and reach of the brand and compares you with your competitors.
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In the Nutshell:

Building presence on social media including Instagram isn’t tough yet we still struggle to gather likes and comments and always think of upgrading followers on instagram. With the help of some of the best free instagram marketing tools markets are getting the leverage to build their presence.

Comprehending the needs of the users is the most typical task at the end of the day. When trying to build social presence, you need to provide authentic visual content, so that they trust you.

Instagram is an ultimate free marketing tool that has become the most preferred choice for users as well as marketers for brand visibility.  Instagram marketing tools allow the brand to connect with real-time followers to aid you to go beyond metrics.

These marketing tools will help you to check your brand’s performance, identify influencers, schedule posts, in-depth insight reports, and pre-approved content for marketing campaigns.

This list by TechUntech is for all those who are looking for some of the best instagram marketing tools out of which some of them are even free to use.

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