10 Best Epub Reader For Windows

People who travels a lot prefer reading books and that too ebooks which are now replaced by Epub books. There are many tablets which are perfectly designed to read Epub books only but the cost of these tablets is in hundreds and thousands of dollars which everyone cannot afford.

Also, it is not necessary to read Epub book on tablets only. You can read them on your windows laptop also very easily and for this there are many Epub readers designed for windows so that you can read Epub books while travelling on your Epub reader for windows.

So, if you are having a laptop like Lenovo Yoga, Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, Microsoft Surface Book 2, Surface Go, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon or any other 2-in-1 convertible windows laptop then reading Epubs on any one of these can give you a great experience which can be far more better than reading on a tablet.


The only thing you need to have a great reading experience on your windows laptop is to have a good Epub reader for windows.

There are tons of apps and software available for this out there in market but not all are good. Here in this article we will be giving you a list of 10 best Epub readers which you can use in your windows laptop to read books while travelling.

List Of Best Epub Readers For Windows That Will Change The Way You Read:

Technology News is surprising us with the latest developments every day. In every field, there is a new gadget that accommodates different aspects of your life. Now people use different platforms to stream and download movies online other than watching them in movie theaters or on TV. In the same way, people are opting out for Epub Reader for reading books.

  1. Caliber:

Caliber - Best Epub reader

Caliber is not only one of the best epub reader, but it is a useful tool to manage ebooks quite efficiently. It is a perfect document viewer, as well. You will not only be able to read your books by using this epub reader on your Windows, but will also be able to format the epubs quite efficiently. The document editor available in the viewer allows you to edit the essential documents quite easily.

By using this online books reading ssoftware, you will be able to look up the meaning of any word given in the book quite easily, even if you are not connected to internet.

If you are aware of CSS or HTML, you would not have any problem in customizing the reading theme of the book.

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  1. Cover:

Cover - Epub book reader

If you love reading comic books online then Cover is the best epub reader for you. Many people do not get the chance to read their favorite comics on a windows laptop while travelling, but with Cover you will not only be able to read them while travelling but also the images given in those comic books will be of higher definition.

As you know, comics are best known for their impeccable life-like drawings, it is quite essential for you to get the HD images. That is why this app is being listed in this article.

Even if you are not a comic book reader, you will be able to use this epub reader to read books which has a lot of images and colorful covers in them.

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  1. Adobe Digital Editions:

Adobe Digital Editions - Best epub reader for windows

In case you are a proof-reader by profession, you will find the Adobe Digital Editions to be quite handy. It not only supports the epub format, but it supports PDF and other epub formats as well. For all the freelance proof-readers out there, this software cum app will genuinely change the way you work.

You can edit the books easily and will be able to make different bookshelves as well to categorize the books into various segments and genre.

You can sync your adobe account through this app and can access all of your work in any Windows machine quite effectively. The software allows you to add pop-ups in different sections of the book where you can add your reviews and edits.

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  1. Kobo:

Kobo - Epub reader for windows

If you are searching for the best epub reader for windows 10, then look no further as Kobo is one of the best options for you. Not only does this application allows you to read your desired books on your windows laptop or PC, but it also allows you to buy books from its online store. The advantage that Kobo has over other epub readers like Kindle, Cover, etc is that it allows epub and epub3 formats as well to its users. You will be able to buy books with epub format directly from the online store of Kobo.

The app offers several exciting features that which will make your reading experience even more engaging. Some of the features are progress tracking, bookmarks, search tab. You will be surprised to see the quality of books available in the Kobo store.

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  1. Freda:

Freda - epub reader

Freda is one of the oldest epub reader and converter app available online which still works well in old OS as well, including Windows CE and Windows Vista. Apart from Windows, this app also supports Android and offers free services to all of its users. Not only does the app offers an epub view, but it also supports TXT and HTML format of ebooks.

Using this app is quite easy as it allows you to gain any information regarding the different features if you simply hover around the tab.

The app is quite user-friendly, and it is perfect for dyslexic readers as well. You will see the app has a separate font named “Open Dyslexic” for all of the said readers. The app lets users connect their DropBox or One Drive account for backing up all the necessary data.

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  1. Bookviser:

Bookviser - epub book reader

Most people who prefer reading books on apps like Kindle can vouch that they do not get the authentic feel of reading a book there. But if you have the Bookviser app, you will be quite surprised to see that you can get the actual feel of reading a book just like you are reading it offline only. You will be able to flip the pages virtually while reading. But do not think that this app is something old or outdated. It is one of the best free epub reader with all the modern features which are mentioned in the other apps given in this article.

You can also pin the title of any book on the home screen of the app, and also can share quotes or any dialogues from your favorite books through email or any other apps with your friends or family members.

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  1. EPUB File Reader:

EPUB File Reader - Book reader for windows

If you are looking for a free app that accommodates epub format books for your windows machine, then this app is perfect for you. Even though it only works on a DOT NET framework, it is quite useful and does its job quite efficiently. The app does not offer any unique features like other apps listed in this article, but the app is pretty easy to use. You can even access all the necessary functions by using short-cut keys.

The app allow its users to save any part of the books in an HTML format by merely accessing the right-click menu. Moreover, it also lets you print any part of the book quite easily and quickly.

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  1. Sumatra PDF:

Sumatra PDF - Epub reader online

Sumatra is one of the best epub viewer and reader app available online because it support epub format and also supports CBR, MOBI, PDF, CBZ, and other formats. You’ll not even have to access any browser like Firefox or Chrome to access the app. Through Windows 10 you can open the app easily.

As the background of this app is light yellow, your eyes will not get tired after prolonged reading.

The app is pretty easy to use, and it stays to the point. You will not even require a large amount of space on your PC to use this app as it has a size of merely 5 MB.

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  1. Bibliovore:

Bibliovore - Epub reader online book for windows

Bibliovore is perfect for the true bibliophiles in the world because it only takes 10 to 15 seconds to load a new book. It is compatible with not only Windows PC but with other devices as well, including mobiles, tablets, smartphones, and others. As the app offers different themes for reading, you can change it according to the time of the day. It has some exciting reading themes, including Monochrome, Sepia, Sand, and others.

You can use the landscape mode as well to read the book in a larger area by using this app. By accessing Bibliovore, you will be able to read several thousand books that are available for free in their online library.

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  1. Reader for PC by Sony:

Reader for PC by Sony - Best Epub reader for windows

Even though the name of the app is “Reader for PC by Sony,” but Sony is currently not a part of this app. But it is the best epub reader download you can do online, as it not only accommodates eBooks, but it is also compatible with audiobooks, notes, periodicals, and pictures as well. Apart from the epub format, it also supports other formats like RTF, PDF, and others.

The app is pretty user-friendly, as you can simply drag and drop your ebook into the reader, and it automatically gets saved in your library. Reader for PC not only supports MP3 format but M4A format as well in case of audiobooks.

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These are the 10 best epub readers for windows where you can read ebooks while travelling without much trouble. There are over 1000 of books which you can read through these epub readers (only when the ebook format of those books are available).

In case you think we missed any epub reader or ebook reader then do tell us in our comment section below so that we can add those online book readers also in our list.


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