Top 10 Best Driver Updater Software for Windows 10,8,7 in 2020

Most people face several problems while using their computers or laptops because of using old drivers, no matter which operating system they use. This problem can be easily solved by keeping your computer drivers updated. If you are looking for a good driver updater then check this list of Best Driver Update Software for Windows in 2020.

You may have the costliest personal computer, but still face difficulties while running programs or watching videos if your drivers are not updated correctly. Without proper driver update, the hardware in your PC will not only be up to date, but you may face dangers as well. Your personal information may be disclosed to malicious virus or malware without driver update.

If you are facing the said problem, then do not panic. Here, you will get the information about the best driver update software that is quite popular in the market right now.

As there are so many new driver updater software available online, that you may get confused on which one to get. That is why we are here to solve your problem.

Best Driver Update Software for your Windows Operating System

In this section of the blog, you will get to know about the most useful and popular online driver update software, which will run the programs on your computer smoothly.

  1. Smart Driver Care:

Smart Driver Care - Best Driver Updater

If you want a driver update software that is not only easy to use but effective, then quick driver care is the perfect option for you. As the software allows you to see a distinct list of corrupt drivers or the ancient ones, you get to improve your PC without any problem. You can choose the drivers you want to get rid of and update them all together to save time. As the driver comes with a startup manager, you will be able to make your operating system’s boot time even faster.

The driver updater also comes with web protection so that you could browse in your computer without any fear. It will automatically block any suspicious website. The best thing about this updated driver is that it can be set up pretty quickly.

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  1. Driver Booster:

Driver Booster - Driver Update Software

In today’s market, Driver Booster is one of the best free driver updater for windows 10, 8, Vista, 7, and XP. If you have windows operating system, you can rely on this driver updater because it offers software updates like no other driver updater. As it allows you to download any download from the program of Driver booster, you will not be directed to any website. Moreover, the software offers unlimited downloads and software updates and even allows you to restore all of your updates if your net connection gets disturbed.

But it would be best if you were careful while the software updates old drivers or downloads new drivers as there is a chance it might download unwanted programs as well while doing so. While downloading any new driver, you can compare between different drivers online to get the best deal.

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  1. AVG Driver Updater:

AVG Driver Updater - Best driver update software

If you install AVG Driver updater on your computer, you will not have to do anything by yourself while sorting out new drivers. As the software runs a thorough check on your PC, it will figure out the drivers in your laptop, which require an update, or it will identify the malicious programs as well. After examining your PC, it will start the process of update automatically and will not even hinder your work. As the program will run in the background, you will not also face any problem while completing your tasks.

It makes the right decision to replace or update your drivers by consulting with more than 100 of the latest drivers online. Even though the software is not free and maybe a bit expensive for many of you out there, but it is better safe to be sorry.

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  1. WinZip Driver Updater:

WinZip Driver Updater - Best Driver Updater

WinZip is currently one of the best free driver updater for windows 8 and other versions of the Windows operating system. It is one of the fastest updaters which offers error-free problem-solving. The software makes sure your computer does not crash and runs smoothly. Many a time, a PC crashes due to archaic drivers and wrong programs. But with the help of WinZip, you can be sure that your PC will be protected at all costs. Once you install the software, it will start scanning automatically and identify the problematic drivers on your PC.

The software makes sure you get legal and authentic drivers online, which will make your PC perfect. It is not only compatible with Windows but other operating systems as well. As the software is entirely user-friendly, anybody can use it without knowing much about technology.

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  1. Driver Easy:

Driver Easy - Driver Update Software for windows

Driver Easy is one of the few driver updaters which are found online that allows you to search for the perfect driver. The search tab provided in the software lets you find the correct update for your PC. Though you can entirely rely on Driver Easy as well to find the right driver for you. It will start the update automatically after finding everything that is wrong with your PC. Even if you delete a driver by mistake, you will get to restore that through this software or uninstall any unnecessary driver quite easily.

This software allows you to perform a software scan according to your own time. You can schedule that scan in advance.

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  1. Driver Reviver:

Driver Reviver - online driver update software

Driver Reviver is one of the best driver updater for windows operating systems because it not only starts an automatic scan but also starts updates all the necessary drivers before you start working on your PC. As the software has over several drivers in its interface, you will not have any problem getting the right driver for your computer. The software even allows you to restore any driver if your internet connection gets disrupted. Moreover, the software offers all of these said services completely free.

The best thing about this software is that it supports a considerable number of languages, including Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, French, English, Finish, Chinese, and several more. It offers year-round service to you on behalf of an affordable cost.

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  1. Advanced Driver Updater:

Advanced Driver Updater - Driver Updater Online Software

If you are looking for the best driver updater that is completely free, then look no further as Advanced Driver Updater is the perfect choice for you. This software comes with an option that scans your operating system exhaustively and makes the right decision for your computer. Through the exhaustive scan, it will detect all the anomalies of your PC. It will then start automatic driver updates and even install new software, which is essential for the smooth operation of the OS. The best thing is that you will not have to pay any money while using the software.

You can quickly scan your computer regularly by scheduling scans on a monthly or a weekly basis. If you want, you can exclude some drivers from the update as well.

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  1. Avast Driver Updater:

Avast Driver Updater - Best online driver update software

Avast is one of the best renowned brands that offer online driver updater and is compatible with every OS. By clicking only one button, you get to perform a thorough scan on your computer and figure out what is wrong with your drivers. It starts automatic driver update and also installs new drivers for the smooth operation of your PC. Avast makes sure you get to know every detail about the drivers to be at peace with the authenticity of them.

Even though you cannot schedule any scan beforehand while using Avast Driver updater, but it is still one of the best updaters that are available online.

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  1. DriverPack Solution:

DriverPack Solution

If you have not much idea about your computer and want to figure out why it is so slow, then get DriverPack Solution as it is perfect for both beginners and professionals. Not only does the software scans and updates the drivers automatically to your laptop, but it also tracks every driver of your computer so that your operating system runs smoothly. Moreover, the software is taking up less space your device’s memory and will work even when your device is filled with unnecessary drivers.

Almost every Operating system supports this software, and it makes your online gaming experience noticeably better.

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  1. Driver Genius:

Driver Genius - Best Driver Updater

Driver Genius is one of the few updaters available online that genuinely allows your PC to run smoothly. Even if your computer is quite old, it will run smoothly, and your OS will not face any hindrance by getting this software. It is perfect for old computers because it updates old hardware and installs new drivers for a smooth run. As the software supports different languages, you will be able to operate it even if you do not know English.

You will be able to access all of its amazing features for two months, and after that, you will have to pay an amount to keep using it.

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All of the driver updater given above are immensely famous among users all around the world. This is the reason why TechUntech team has included them in the list of top 10 driver updater software. Also, they make your working experience quite pleasant and allows you to use your old PC for a long time. By installing any one of them, you will get a smooth operating system without any problem.

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