14 Best Demonoid Alternatives and Similar Sites in 2020 [100% Working]

We all know that Demonoid is a renowned BitTorrent tracker. But, due to its several extended downtimes the website’s future remains uncertain. So, if you want a website that includes file-sharing related discussion forums and a searchable index, you must look for some better Demonoid alternatives.

There are many best torrent sites which are working perfectly fine and demonoid was one such website until it was renewed.

Because of the unfortunate death of its founder, the original domain was renewed with demonoid.pw which became a scam and turned into dnoid.to then to demonoid.is.

Instead of switching to a new domain every time you can simply have the best alternative of demonoid and resolve all the problems at once.These alternatives to Demonoid will not have an inaccurate ratio system unlike Demonoid. Nor will you have to face downtime issues caused by cancellation of ISP service. Thus, we have prepared a list of the top-rated and best similar torrent sites like Demonoid.

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List of 14 Best Demonoid Alternative Trackers

  1. RARBG:

RARBG - Best Demonoid Alternative

A perfect alternative to Demonoid, RARBG offers torrent files as well as magnet links that enable movies, games, software, and ebooks sharing through Bittorrent protocol.

The website is 12 years old and boasts to have a traffic of around 500K visitors on the site each day. Yet it is blocked from various countries’ governments like Bulgaria, Denmark, India, Morocco, Portugal, UK, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Ireland, and Pakistan.

If you are not living in any of these countries, you can easily search your favorite content through its clean and intuitive UI and search engine bar.

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  1. 1337X:

1337X - Demonoid Alternative

Another simple and clean Demonoid alternative with different types of content is 1337X. You can search and have access or even share anime, movies, audio files, TV shows, games, and software peer-to-peer.

1337X is famous and is the third most popular torrent website to share different types of content for free. This similar website to Demonoid has well organized categories for easy search. 1337X is also restricted in countries like Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Austria.

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  1. The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay - Alternative to Demonoid

Unlike other two alternatives of demonoid sites, The Pirate Bay underwent a lot of problems in the past. Indeed, one of the oldest torrent websites has offered a lot of users to port movies, music,TV shows, games, and software with others absolutely free.

The Pirate Bay supports magnet links and easy peer-to-peer sharing, however, it is also banned in some of the countries and regions of the world and open for few.

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  1. LimeTorrents:


This demonoid reddit alternative has recently gained immense popularity due to its swift and easy downloads of content in no time. Boasts to be the fourth largest torrent site worldwide, LimeTorrents contains over 10 million active torrents. Its search bar is simple and fast for easy search results.

However, you can face a low seed-to-peer ratio which means that it can slow down when downloading those content which aren’t in demand. You can easily download or share content like Movies, Music, Games, Anime, etc.

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Note: There are many websites and torrent sites which you will not able to access as they might be banned in your country by your government or banned by your internet service provider. But, no need to worry as there are many best and free VPN which you can use to access those banned websites.

  1. TorrentZ2:

TorrentZ2 - Best Free Demonoid Alternatives

Torrentz2 is inspired by Torrent and is quite identical to it. It has the same search bar like Torrentz and was a stand-in for Torrent which closed the door in 2016. The aim of Torrentz2 was to provide a similar service or even better than torrentz.

This demonoid alternative url has more than 61 million torrents with various types of content. Fortunately, it is available for people living globally and you can share and download a multitude of movies, TV series, Music, Applications, games, and more.

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  1. Torlock:

Torlock - Sites like demonoid

Get millions of software torrents to download. Torlock is a torrent index and torrent search that lets you access the latest TV series and movies. This is among the best demonoid alternatives where you will find organized content into different sections like Movie Torrents, TV Torrents, Music Torrents, Game Torrents, Software Torrents, and eBooks Torrents, and more.

This alternative is easy to use with simple UI and a massive collection of Anime series. But, this top alternative is restricted in Australia, India, United Kingdoms and few other regions or countries of the world.

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  1. SeedPeer:

SeedPeer - Alternatives to demonoid

Boast to be the world’s greatest alternative to demonoid, SeedPeer is a known name among everyone who downloads torrents. An amazing torrent site that allows you to download TV shows, Music Videos, Movies, Anime, and software for free.

It is also one of the most widely used torrents sites after the above listed similar sites like demonoid site.

A simple search and browse option lets you quickly find your favourite content. Also, you can search through categories available for regular and verified torrents.

  1. Zooqle:

Zooqle - Best Dnoid Alternative

Zooqle proxy is one of the superb torrent sites that gives you a list of best & latest movies, TV shows, PDFs, complete games, software, and many more as per your need. Team of Zooqle boasts that their proxies are tested every hour to make sure your favourite content is available all the time.

The best part is Zooqle has more than 1300 TV shows and 30,000 movies available for every person living on this planet. Also, no irritating pop ups or advertisement for continuous and seamless functionality.

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  1. YTS:


An official place to see and download YIFY movies with brilliant resolutions as per your requirement. Open for everyone globally, YTS.MX contains the smallest file size to download. You can easily browse movies or quickly search them by their names.

You get movies in all kinds of resolution from high to low, 3D, and even 4D. Moreover, you can search for your favourite music, games, apps, and much more to download. Just a click away for all your fav content. This alternative of demonoid is only banned in Ireland and can be accessed by others worldwide.

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  1. Torrent9:


After its two addresses Torrent9 ph and Torrent 9 red, the domain name has been changed to torrent9.is officially. Torrent9.is is an official films, series, musiques, ebook, logiciels and many other torrent files downloading sites. The site offers ultra-hd video quality of films and TV series.

With a simple search engine bar you can browse and find some of your favourite content available within the site. It’s simple and easy to comprehend. UI is the most impressive part of this demonoid alternative. People worldwide can have access to the site except some countries and regions like Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Morocco.

[su_button url=”https://www.torrent9.is/” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow referrer noopener” style=”3d” size=”8″ radius=”round”]Visit The Website[/su_button]


  1. NYAA.si:


A simple with limited menu options, Nyaa doesn’t let anybody waste time to search for the content type they are looking for. A single filter option that offers all categories like Anime music video, audio, literature, promotional videos, pictures, applications, and games.

You can simply type the content type or name of the content that you’re looking for in the search bar of Nyaa. This torrent site provides resolution of the video available with a downloadable link and the size. Nyaa also offers a cool dark mode named “toggle” for its user for better visibility at night.

[su_button url=”https://nyaa.si/” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow referrer noopener” style=”3d” size=”8″ radius=”round”]Visit The Website[/su_button]


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  1. IsoHunt:

IsoHunt - Demonoid Alternative

Another name that has been legendary similar to demonoid sites is IsoHunt. It also became one of the popular and largest magnet link providers worldwide. They have 13.7 million torrent files in their database and 20 million peers from indexed torrents.

Their UI is clean yet captivating with easy navigation to the categories like music, videos, movies, books, anime, software, application, and more. This top-rated demonoid alternative lets you browse and download unlimited favourite content. It also ranks among the authorised peer-to-peer torrent providers of the BitTorrent network.

[su_button url=”https://isohunts.to/” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow referrer noopener” style=”3d” size=”8″ radius=”round”]Visit The Website[/su_button]


  1. TorrentRover:


A simple desktop torrent file that lets you easily browse through your favourite choice and download torrent sites, TorrentRover is very portable and free to use. Like some of the above mentioned similar sites like demonoid, this torrent site contains no ads, no redirects, and no malware which leaves you fast and uninterrupted searches.

TorrentRover has a clean and simple user interface with helpful plugins to give you detailed information. This indistinguishable torrent software is portable and can protect your search privacy through a proxy server. In short, you can securely and swiftly search, manage, and download your favourite music, movies, TV shows, applications, and more.

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  1. Extra Torrent:

Extra Torrent

ExtraTorrent has a simple and elegant design with different categories and subcategories for the user to easily find their favourite content. Like other torrent systems, this alternative of demonoid that works on peer-to-peer protocol.

What makes ExtraTorrent different from other torrent sites is its article and news section. From downloading high-quality video & audio files to the latest technology trends, you can find every information on a single platform. You can browse and without any interruptions of unwanted ads or even when you are out of necessary internet connection to load.

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A well known website and BitTorrent tracker that offers its users to browse and download unlimited movies, TV shows, music, anime, apps, and many more, Demonoid.pw with magnet links offer peer-to-peer file sharing of all kinds.
But, with the sudden demise of its owner and unsteady server reliability, the demonoid’s future is unclear and uncertain.

Thus these 14 top alternatives of demonoid are the best, secure, and the most reliable to consider for your requirement.

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