10 Best Android Emulators for PC That Are Popular In 2020

Best Android Emulators for PC Windows and Mac

Emulators are quite essential in today’s world because they allow users to display and access their Android smartphones on their computers.

People need an Android Emulator for different purposes. Some may use it to debug their Android applications on their PC whereas, some may want to view their mobile phones on a larger screen.

The emulators are quite necessary for application developers who do not get to develop the apps without using a bigger screen. Sometimes, they need to test the programs on a PC before submitting the finished product. Many students of application development also require Android Emulators to get complete knowledge of the subject. Moreover, learning app development on a tiny mobile screen is quite problematic.

Many people need an android emulator for pc to play games on their computers. Not many users love to play Android games in their smartphones, and some of the games even require a mouse and a larger screen for a real-life experience. By using an emulator, the game-lovers get to play on a larger screen without paying a large amount of money on Xbox or Play station.

If you require an emulator, then you will have to read this blog carefully. Here, you will get all the required information about the top Android emulators that are quite popular in the market right now.

As there are different options of emulators available online, you may feel a bit confused while choosing the right one for you. But after reading this blog, you will be determined to get the correct emulator for you.

Best Android Emulator for PC for Different Operating Systems in 2020:

All the Best Android Emulator Online in 2020 provided on the list are compatible with different operating systems. No matter what OS you use, you will have no problem in using the emulators.

  1. BlueStacks:

BlueStacks - Best Android Emulator Online

If you are looking for Best Android Emulators in 2020 for playing Android games on your PC, then BlueStacks is one of the best options for you. Not only can you download the application from Google Play Store, but you can also get it from the personalized app store of BlueStacks. As the emulator is for Android 7.1.2, you will have no problem in playing your mobile games on your computer.

Even if you are not that technologically educated, you will be able to set up the emulator without any problem. Also though the emulator is free, but for using multiple accounts, you will have to get the premium account. The only problem with the emulator is that it may not be best with gestures, although it does pretty good keyboard-mapping.

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  1. Nox Player:

Nox Player - Best Android Emulator for PC

For those who are searching for the best android emulator for windows, Nox Player will not disappoint you. It is not only perfect for gaming but different purposes as well. If you are an application developer, you will find this emulator incredibly handy because it is so easy to use. Moreover, it has way more user-friendly than other emulators included in the list.

In case you are an avid gamer, Nox Player will allow you to experience gaming on your PC like no other emulator. It has features like controller compatibility, optimization of gameplay, and easy to use interfaces. As the emulator is based on Android 5.1.1, it is perfect for different versions of Android since it has features that accommodate multiple drives.

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  1. ARChon:

ARChon - Android Emulator for Windows and Mac

By downloading ARChon as a Google Chrome extension on your PC, you will be able to access all the Android applications and games on your PC without any problem. In that way, ArChon is quite different from the other emulators included in the list. It is quite versatile as it supports not only Windows but Mac and Linux as well.

By getting an APK, you will be able to load the emulator into your computer. Even though this emulator requires way more work than the others, but it is one of the most effective emulators currently available online. Moreover, the emulator is completely free. Once it gets embedded into your OS, you will have no problem in accessing all the Android apps and games on your PC.

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  1. MEmu:

MEmu - Best Android Emulator for Mac and Windows

Memu is yet another one of the best emulators for pc which is perfect for all the extreme gamers out there. It has a high speed quite similar to the top emulators found online, and it is comparatively new. It supports a wide variety of Androids, including Lollipop, Jelly bean, Kit Kat and others. Memu not only supports Nvidia chips but AMD chips as well.

Although the emulator is based on Android Lollypop, it works perfectly well with any category of apps. The emulator lacks in only one point, that is the graphical interface. It offers not that crisp and smooth images in the games when you compare it to other emulators. But you will be quite astonished to know that this emulator is free even though it supports Google Maps.

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  1. Gameloop:

Gameloop - Android Emulator Online 2020

If you are looking for a high-quality android emulator for windows 10, then Gameloop is the perfect option for you. It is made particularly for games and is also used by professional developers of games and applications due to its exceptional graphical interphase. You will be able to play almost every category of Android games on your computer by getting this emulator.

If you are an avid gamer, you might know this emulator as Gaming Buddy. Then you must also know that it was prevalent among its users. People use this emulator to play PUBG earlier on their computers. But now with enhanced features, you will be able to play other famous games like Call of Duty as well. To download this emulator, you will have to go to the Google Play Store, and the best thing is that it is free.

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  1. LDPlayer:

LDPlayer - Best Android Emulator PC, Windows, Mac

Finding Android Emulators for gaming is not an easy task, but if you choose LDPlayer, you will be able to play Android games on your PC quite easily. It is one of the newest emulators that are available online, but it is soon becoming to be among the popular ones. If you have Windows OS, you will have no problem with this emulator.

As it is based on Android 7.1.2, it does not cater to all the different versions of Android. The emulator offers its users a separate application store, which allows them to download all the games and apps that are found on your smartphone quite easily.

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  1. Genymotion:

Genymotion - Android Emulator Best Online

The most common problem Android app developers face is opening the application on their PC. If you are an application developer, you should get Genymotion as it is one of the best emulators for Android. It will allow you to debug any problem or test out apps virtually quite quickly on your computer with Windows OS. This emulator is compatible with different categories of Android versions, including 4.1 to Nougat.

By downloading this emulator, you will be able to store apps from Google play store into your PC quite easily. But the only downside is that this emulator does not allow you to download games like Call of Duty or PUBG on your PC.

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  1. KOPlayer:

KOPlayer - Android Emulator

If you are looking for a high-quality android emulator mac, then KOPlayer is one of the right options for you. The emulator is perfect for you if you do not have much storage space on your PC, and you want to have phenomenal gaming experience. As the emulator is entirely free, you might have to encounter some ads while playing games. But emulation of gamepad and mapping of keyboard is quite fabulous over there.

But you must know that by using KOPlayer, you might encounter sudden freezing of screen while playing. Moreover, you will not be able to uninstall the emulator easily.

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  1. Android Studio:

Android Studio - Android Emulator Online Best for Windows and Mac

Being an app developer for Android is already a difficult task; you do not need more pressure to find the right emulator for you. That is why you need to get Android Studio as it specializes in creating an IDE that is an Integrated Development Environment in your PC. Most professional app developers use this emulator to test their apps out.

Even though the emulator is free, it offers excellent service and works perfectly. But it is not perfect for playing games on your laptop. But it is attractive from accessing all the google apps on your PC.

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  1. Prime OS:

Prime OS - Best Android Emulator for PC

If you download Prime OS, you will be able to get the exact Android experience on your PC that you get on your smartphone. Being one of the best emulators for pc, you will be able to use this to boot your OS by using a pen drive as well. The user interface offered by this emulator is quite stunning and is quite unmatched when compared to the rest of the emulators offered in this list.

Moreover, it caters to app developers and gamers alike, even though you may encounter specific bugs while playing massive games.

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To Sum It All Up:

As the emulators that are mentioned in this blog are quite famous and useful, you will be able to get the right Android Emulator for you.

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