27 Best and Free Online Avatar Maker Creator Websites

Do you want to create cartoon avatars that are more expressive, varied and customizable?

There are a multitude of avatar makers online that you can use to create different cartoons like realistic avatars, funny caricatures and many more from your own pictures.

For creating your own mini version, you don’t need to spend time searching for a perfect  cartoon avatar maker and then wait to install.

With the help of a character creator online you can simply create that you want to. Thus, here in this article we have tried to make the first step easy for you, which is finding the right cartoon character creator.

So, pick any from the list to represent yourself in a unique way on your social media profiles.

How Do These Cartoon Avatars Change The Way People Put Profile Pictures?

With time sketching and drawing has taken new turns. Cartoons become the evolution of drawings and so do animated films.

However, drawing and sketching are not limited to films for fun, there are other ways of using them. Likewise, creating your own picture in a fun way.

Yes, you always try to add different kinds of filters to make your picture interesting and watchable.

Cartoon avatars have been lately used these days to change the way you use your picture on any social media.

These minimalist avatars can be really effective. But, how do you make them?

It isn’t a complex task. If you want to create your own cartoon avatar, choose a platform for online avatar makers and get going.

We bring you some of the creative cartoon avatar makers online, so that you can play around with designs absolutely free.

Best Cartoon Character and Avatar Maker Online From Your Photos:

  1. Avachara:

Avachara - Free Avatar Maker

A personal choice of many users to make a cartoon character of their own online where you get multiple options to decorate the picture.

With abundant accessories and clothes, you can choose to make a caricature of you.

The app can be used both on the web and as on mobile devices to have access to the unlimited options.

You can make your caricature aesthetic by first putting up the face, skin colour, eyes, accessories and the background at the end.

Avachara Avatar allows both the genders to create their own cartoon avatar online quickly and easily.

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  1. Face Your Manga:

Face Your Manga - Best Avatar Creator

Another brilliant caricature maker online is Face Your Manga.

The application boasts to be the largest social app that lets you create, modify, collect and share your avatars. You can also check out some of the most popular avatars created.

Apart from free the app also offers a paid version where you can unleash your creativity and personalise your space.

Moreover, you can download and print your own avatars by simply signing up for free.

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  1. Marvel Superhero Avatar:

Marvel Superhero Avatar - Create Free Avatar Online

A perfect place for Marvel characters lovers, MarvelHQ leverages you to create your own superhero.

Choose your own character that depicts yours and use it as your picture.

Apart from creating your own web wizard, the site lets you play Marvel games, so check out their videos and enjoy animated comics all for free.

The site provides a short description of the video as well as the game scene to better understand and play.

So, marvel lovers get going with this brilliant online cartoon avatar maker.

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  1. My Blue Robot:

My Blue Robot - Best Free Avatar Creator Online

An app that gives you a 3D model of a single photo. My Blue Robot is a great online avatar generator that lets both genders create and download one for themselves.

With time to time updates, My Blue Robot has become one of the best cartoon avatar makers online.

This creative agency is driven by the blue-sky agency with endless possibilities.

The app offers to create your own features like mouth, eyes, head bigger or smaller, using glasses with a plus or minus sign.

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  1. Turn Yourself Into An Anime Avatar:

Turn Yourself Into An Anime Avatar

One of the best anime avatar makers is a copyright of manga.com. Those who love anime characters can use this platform for free.

You might need to login to have access to the site. Unlike other free avatar maker sites and apps, this app has limited options to create anime.

But, yes it does offer basic features like eyes, nose, hair, eyebrows, facial hair, ponytail, and mouth options.

The app only lets you create anime of face and neck.

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  1. Portrait Illustration Maker:

Portrait Illustration Maker - Best Cartoon Avatar Generator

An online and free tool for building your own cartoon avatar. The app contains limited yet fun & creative options to create your cartoon look in no less time.

The app contains different outlines of the face, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, nose cheeks, moustache & beard, spectacles, wrinkles, accessories or raised hand.

The colour palette lets you choose the colour that you want to define for your hair, eyes, mouth, or skin.

The setting feature lets you choose the image format and the adjustments needed for the cartoon avatar.

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  1. Gravatar:

Gravatar - Create Avatar Online Free

Having served over 8.6 billion times per day avatar images to millions of its users, Gravatar is a highly renowned animated avatar creator.

A globally recognised platform that provides a full guide to generate URLs required to request gravatar images and profile data.

You can upload and create your own profile on gravatar for site owners, developers and users.

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  1. Picassohead:

Picassohead - Online Avatar Maker

One of the brilliant and unique sites to create your own avatar is picassohead.

It’s a digital tool that lets you create your own masterpieces using the famous drawings by Picasso.

An award winning digital agency is also a nod to Ruder Finn’s long standing admiration of arts and artists thus, the firm still maintains an arts consultancy.

So, you get to create cartoon characters in a painting form.

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  1. DoppelMe:

DoppelMe - Free Dynamic Avatar Creator

A free and dynamic cartoon avatar maker online, DoppelMe is a unique platform.

The site allows you to create a cool graphical identity like yours. Not just you, you can create a fun avatar of your friends, family and any group of people.

These cartoon avatars can be used in forums, instant messenger, blogs, and other social media platforms.

No flash, activeX control, downloads or toolbar needed to create avatar online. The site is absolutely free to use which asks only a few clicks from your end.

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  1. Cartoonify:

Cartoonify - Create Your Own Cartoon Avatar Free

The quick and effective way to create a cartoon, Cartoonify is a creative avatar creator which is absolutely free.

Cartoonify contains more than 300 graphic parts, one of the easiest ways to convert your photo to a cartoon.

What you need to do is to choose from a number of faces, mouth, eyes, hair, clothes, accessories, and even the background of the picture.

The app allows you to download your Cartoon Picture in different forms like JPEG, PNG, and SVG format. You can create your own mini-me, gravatars, and even anime avatars.

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  1. South Park Avatar:

South Park Avatar - Free Avatar Creator

Want to create your sweet and cute mini version? Well, then this avatar creator is the perfect fit for your needs.

The app gives you everything to show your heart out through this anime avatar creator.

The app lets you choose face shape, colour of the skin, clothes, hair, eyes, spectacles/ glasses, accessories like cap/wings/cape/headphones/ guitar/trophy/book and many more as per your theme as a doctor, scientist, traveller, or more.

Moreover, you can pick a proper background to match your attire to complete and complement your avatar.

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  1. Pho.to:

Pho.to - Create Avatar Online

One of the simplest platforms to make your own caricature or photos into cartoons.

It’s time to change your usual photos into a fun and expressive way that also carries emotions within.

All you need to is to simply upload photos by selecting from your disk, url, or from Facebook.

Then comes the editing part, the app lets you save as per your preference after saving and album creation.

Cartoon.Pho.to gives your picture a cartoon effect with the help of cartoon filter and a face morphing for portrait photos.

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  1. Pick A Face:

Pick A Face - Avatar Creator

Consisting of more than 550+ designs crafted to make your picture look fun and exciting, Pick A Face gives you the leverage to create your own avatar without starting from a scratch.

What else this cartoon avatar maker offers is a hi-resolution avatar to create an absolutely free cartoon avatar of you.

Moreover, the platform gives you space to connect with your friends, comment or post or like the messages and other avatars.

So, register yourself and manage your own avatar and get connected with others.

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  1. BeFunky:

BeFunky - Free Online Avatar Generator

As its name suggests, BeFunky is a creative and one of the most exciting platforms for photo editing and graphic designing.

The app is an all-in-one online creative avatar creator platform.

The app has everything that you need to edit, create and design your own photo or make a photo collage.

With amazing tools and features, BeFunky lets you do all the avatar making work seamlessly and in no time.

Unlock all its powerful features through a step-by-step guide. Learn all from their instruction guide to know how to enhance your imagination and creativity.

And add something unique and new to your picture with every new feature update.

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  1. Dudes Factory:

Dudes Factory

Do you want your own personal digital avatar, then this app is perfect for you. If you love customising your instant messenger regularly then you will definitely love Dude Factory.

With the collection of different body parts, clothes, items and backgrounds to express your personality and mood Dude factory has everything you need.

You can make Dude or Doll with Dudes factory and use them as your display picture or download them on your mobile to use with any polyphonic ringtone.

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  1. Kartunix:

Kartunix - Create Free Avatar Online

Boast to be the best free online avatar creator of 2020, so that you make your own cartoon.

The app gives you the leverage to select style, make avatar, resize canvas, download and share with your friends.

What you get to make your cartoon avatar fun are cute anime, cool cartoons, manga style, kawai, emo, and realistic illustrations.

Unlike other cartoon avatars, you can make full body avatars as well as personalize your creations.

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  1. Avatar Maker:

Avatar Maker - Create Avatar Online

Create your own avatar for free with the help of this free avatar maker online.

The first thing offered by the Avatar Maker is to choose the gender that you want to create a cartoon avatar for.

You can select a face shape as well as colour identical to yours. Select features like nose, mouth, and ears that suit the face.

You can fill the colour in your lips, change the shape of your nose as well as ears.

The app also lets you shift the position and size of the features.

So, create your own picture and share them wherever you like.

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  1. GetAvataars:

GetAvataars - Avatar Generator Online

This app is different from other cartoon avatar makers. Getavataars has tabs for all the features and accessories.

The drop down bar for all your needs to make your cartoon avatar fun and exciting.

Getavataars lets you choose a background from transparent to circle.

Moreover, you can add accessories from the drop down list, choose hair colour, facial hair, hair length, clothes, colour of the fabric, eyes expression, mouth, eyebrows, and colour of the skin.

However, you will get new updates with time but, these features are quite satisfactory.

You can save your image in a PNG as well as SVG format.

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  1. Charat:

Avatar Maker Charat

Create your own anime avatar maker with the help of Charat. The app is a free portrait maker that lets you create a high-quality cute Chibi avatar of you with simple operation.

Charat is a web service available in both japanese and english language.

The app boasts to have currently 19 types of web apps, and more than 9 million avatars have been created.

Cartoon avatars created with Charat can be used as icons in games and SNS, in business cards, postcards, T-shirts, apps and many more.

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  1. PlaceIt Avatar Maker:

PlaceIt - Best Avatar Maker Online

PlaceIt is a fantastic online avatar creator for free to create your twitch avatar for gaming channels or the profile of your social media channels.

The app gives you a consistent look of the avatar created on all the channels. No special software or filter needed to adjust the picture.

Create cute anime avatars, cartoon characters, illustrations, and much more.

PlaceIt consists of a library, wherein you can choose a template or customize the avatar from the scratch.

Change your cartoon’s skin colour, type, name, font, and more. Download the twitch avatar right away for use.

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  1. Instructables:

Instructables - Make Your Own Avatar

Make your own image into a cartoon, Instructables give you a platform to create your own caricature.

With few simple steps and an auto trace tool you can capture the necessary lines to create your own avatar.

All you need to do is simply find a 300dpi size image. Trace your image using the photoshop illustrator tool to get a clean outline of your photo.

Fill colour in your outline gives life, you can also give some depth or use some gradients or several layers of colour.

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  1. Voki:

Voki - Create Avatar Online for Classroom

A platform to create a speaking character especially for education.

Voki is a free character creator that helps in better engagement, empowerment, fun, and collaboration.

With a huge library of collection of characters, 3D people, animals, anime, beach, cats, classic, digimon, dogs, edgy, fantasy, folk, greek mythology, historic, holiday, monsters, nursery rhymes & fairy tales, occupations, oddballs, offbeat, smilies, symbols, world leaders, and toons.

It is the only platform that offers an animated character with a voice that you can use in a unique way.

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  1. Pixton:

Pixton - Free Comic and Avatar Generator

A place for everyone to create cartoon avatars. Be it student, business, or for education, Pixton helps you make creative and attractive cartoon avatars for free.

Absolutely safe and secure way to customise your character to make either profile photo, a classroom photo, or even a comic to outreach the audience and spread a word about your business.

Once you sign up, just with a few simple steps you can create your own avatar.

The site has different categories of background images, characters, focus and, add words to make it unique.

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  1. Custom South Parks:

Custom South Parks - Create Your Own Avatar

You may get confused with south park avatar creators, but this platform is entirely different from the south park.

However, Custom South parks is intended to give south park fans to make their own fun & exciting custom cartoons.

The site offers you to create your own custom anime cartoon.

The site has tabs for hall of fame, gallery, and create. You can use your avatar as a business profile and social media profile.

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  1. Cartoonize.net:

Cartoonize.net - Create Cartoon Avatar Online Free

With a single click make yourself into a realistic cartoon. All you need is to select your photo from an upload option and then select the cartoon effect, you want to turn your photo into.

The site just turns your photo into a cartoon avatar that you can use for a social media profile picture easily.

The site lets you upload photos from either your disk or from a URL. So create fun for you easily and absolutely free.

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  1. OSOQ:


Be it commercial designs for your business or want customized caricatures for individuals, couples, and groups, Osoq is a perfect and creative platform for creating a fun cartoon avatar.

The site offers building a creative business card, real estate character, email signature, poster & ad flyer, as well as custom requests.

The site is paid unlike other websites but, it’s worth paying especially for professionals who are looking for caricatures for business purposes as well as those looking for professional work.

Submit a request, you quote, pay them, preview their designs, and then download them to use.

  1. Photolamus:

Photolamus - Create Avatar Online Paid

Another creative platform that gives you 100% hand-drawn caricatures. The site is paid and delivers images, posters, or canvas in all sizes.

The site is meant to deliver complete satisfaction through unlimited revisions as asked by the customer with an express shipping.

You can pick from the custom caricatures to watercolor drawings, couple, family, group caricatures.

You can also ask for pets’ caricatures or add hobbies and professions creatively in your caricatures.

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With the list of some of the best cartoon avatar maker websites and apps, we are sure you will be able to find the right one for your needs.

Unleash your creativity and create fun and exciting individual caricatures of mini-you or a couple or group caricatures.

Some of the websites also help you promote your business in a creative way while others capture your emotions.

So, which one will you pick?

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